We view packaging as an ecosystem.
Recycled, recyclable, compostable, reusable.

We are committed to caring for both our bodies and the environment.

Our goal is to be a low-impact company and to treat Mother Earth with the respect she deserves. Plants are at the heart of Botnia, and we grow our own plants to create the finest skincare products possible and to be responsible stewards of the earth.

That's why packaging is an essential part of the equation. We believe that the packaging of our products should be just as eco-friendly as the products themselves. We carefully choose our packaging materials to minimize waste and reduce our carbon footprint.

We thank you for caring as much about the environment as we do. Our hope is that you feel proud when you use Botnia Skincare, not just because of your glowing skin, but also because of your positive impact on the environment.

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Being an environmentally driven small business means taking responsibility for each step of our process and questioning how it can be less of a burden on our planet.

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Our packaging components

Aluminum Caps

When your Botnia aluminum bottle arrives, swap the cap for your plastic pump or spray top. Remember to remove and discard the paper liner inside the cap before recycling the aluminum cap. Once the bottle is empty, recycle it to help it re-enter the recycling system and contribute to a greener planet.

How to dispose RECYCLE

Aluminium Bottles

Aluminum is lightweight, durable, and infinitely recyclable. The recycling of aluminum requires less than 5% of the energy needed to produce the primary aluminum. Approximately 75% of all aluminum ever produced still remains in the material loop today. These bottles are PCR aluminum: certified as 100% post-consumer recycled (recycled after use by the final consumer).

Materials 100% PCR Aluminum
How to dispose Recycle

Cardboard boxes

Upon receiving your package, dissolve the eco-friendly cellulose peanuts by running them under warm water in your sink. Our recyclable box, tape, and newspaper wrap can be easily discarded in your recycling bin. FSC certified - the gold standard means products certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). This certifies that these products come from a forest that’s been sourced in an environmentally-friendly and socially responsible manner. Cardboard composed of 90% recycled fibers. Biodegradable and recyclable.

Materials PRIMA BOX 400G
How to dispose Compost / Recycle

Aluminium jars

To effortlessly recycle your aluminum jar, just remove and discard the paper liner from the lid, then place the empty jar in your recycling bin. Aluminum is lightweight, durable, and infinitely recyclable. The recycling of aluminum requires less than 5% of the energy needed to produce the primary aluminum. Approximately 75% of all aluminum ever produced still remains in the material loop today.

Materials Virgin aluminium
How to dispose Recycle

Plastic pumps

Plastics are part of our world, but that doesn't mean our packaging has to be status quo. Our plastic pumps are sold separately, so if you want to pass on plastic, you can! We think of plastics as forever things: with some TLC they can be reused with your bottles again and again.
Recyclable pump: This pump has been created in a truly mono-material configuration and designed to be widely recyclable.
Spray pump: This atomizing sprayer comes with a clear PP hood. Reuse or landfill.
Treatment pump: This treatment pump has a number of components: clear PP cap, spring-loaded pump, cap, and dip tube. Reuse or landfill.
Foamer pump: The foamer pump comes with a clear PP hood. Reuse or landfill. With proper care, our plastic pumps can be used repeatedly with your bottles, helping to extend their lifespan and reduce waste.

Materials PP
How to dispose REUSE / LANDFILL

Insert cards

To recycle our insert cards, simply place them in your paper recycling bin. Uncoated woodfree, elemental chlorine free, FSC certified stock. Biodegradable and recyclable.

Materials CARTE A PARFUM 350G
How to dispose Recycle


To ensure successful recycling, carefully peel the product label off your aluminum bottle and dispose of it in the trash. This step is crucial, as it maximizes recycling efficiency. Waterproof labels are made with acrylic based adhesive.

Materials Foil
How to dispose Landfill


Uncoated white liners protect the aluminum during shipping; you can easily recycle them by placing them in your paper recycling bin. FSC certified.

How to dispose Recycle


To properly dispose of our face mask pouches, place them in a composting bin. Our face mask pouches feature a paper exterior and compostable substrate of polylactic acid (PLA), a corn-based material made from fermented plant starch. The pouches are compostable, which means they can disintegrate into non-toxic, natural elements.


Healthy Aluminum

Our aluminum is made out of infinitely recyclable aluminum with an alternative liner to the more traditional BPA liners to keep your skincare healthy. This interior liner has been found to be much safer while also preventing aluminum from leaching into the product. While there is no perfect liner yet, our BPA-NI liner is the best thing we’ve found as an alternative to traditional liners and meets all of the European standards for consumable goods, which tend to be much higher than cosmetics standards in the United States.

How to dispose RECYCLE

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