Many herbal medicine makers believe that desert plants that have more demanding lives are more powerful. Natural selection - only the strong survive. Grown in the untouched New Mexico desert, the juniper trees that fill this land have been there for thousands of years; they have survived harsh cold winters, droughts that last for decades, and violent desert storms, and yet they thrive. 

Juniper is a perfect topical ally because it contains juniperic acid, a slightly exfoliating component that aids the skin in cellular turnover. Juniperic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid that exists in the waxy deposits on the outer coating of juniper needles and can be found in most needles of conifer trees.

Juniperic acid works a lot like glycolic acid in the way it functions. What this means for your skin in the most simple explanation is that it liquefies the bonds that hold the keratinized (dead skin) cells in place. It creates a gentle exfoliation that allows the surface of dead skin cells to slough away easier.

Our juniper is ethically wild-harvested from our founder Justine's mother's land in Santa Fe, New Mexico. We support regenerative, organic, and equitable farming practices in efforts to leave a positive impact on our communities and the planet.



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