Rose represents love, abundance, and beauty. It’s a powerful symbolic plant in many cultures and strong in action. This aromatic bloom is known as an astringent in herbalism, which helps tone and tighten tissues inside and out. This is why rose toners have been used to revive and restore skin for generations. 

The petals of rose are nutrient-dense and a good source of vitamins A, C, E, calcium, and iron. The oil is made from the plant’s fruit – which comes after it flowers – known as rosehips. It’s antioxidant-rich with high levels of vitamin C and polyphenols. It’s also packed with phytonutrients, plant compounds with antioxidant properties. 

Rose’s sweet, sultry aroma is beloved by many, and its skin-rejuvenating properties make it a formula favorite of herbalists and estheticians. We formulate with roses when we’re looking to revive and brighten dull skin and lock in hydration. It’s also a helpful aid for soothing irritated skin or when you need some extra protection from environmental stressors. 

At Botnia, we use almost every part of the rose plant at various stages of its life to create our skincare products. We infuse rose petals into our face oils and extract its beneficial constituents through distillation, glycerite extracts, and hydrosols. We also use rosehip oil to create our face oils and powdered rosehips in masks. By using all of these different elements of the rose plant, we can create a truly holistic skincare experience that nourishes and rejuvenates the skin. 

Our roses are grown at the Botnia Micro-farm in Sausalito, California. We support regenerative, organic, and equitable farming practices in efforts to leave a positive impact on our communities and planet.


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