Helichrysum flowers, a cherished botanical treasure, grace our extracts and facial oil infusions, infusing them with their extraordinary properties. Renowned for their vibrant golden blooms and rich aromatic profile, helichrysum flowers have long been celebrated for their potent skincare benefits.

At Botnia, we recognize the exceptional qualities of helichrysum and harness its essence in our formulations. The delicate flowers undergo a meticulous extraction process to extract their precious constituents, allowing us to capture their full potential for your skin's rejuvenation.

Helichrysum flowers are known for their remarkable regenerative and soothing properties. Packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds, they work harmoniously to help calm and heal the skin, promoting a balanced and revitalized complexion.

When infused into our extracts and facial oil formulations, helichrysum flowers impart their natural essence, delivering a subtle and captivating aroma that enhances the sensory experience of our products. The enchanting scent of helichrysum flowers uplifts the spirit and nurtures a sense of well-being during your skincare routine.

Our commitment to sustainability extends to the sourcing of helichrysum flowers. We prioritize working with responsible growers who share our values and adhere to organic and eco-friendly farming practices. By supporting ethical suppliers, we ensure that the helichrysum flowers in our extracts and facial oil infusions are cultivated with care for both the environment and the communities involved.

Indulge in the transformative power of helichrysum with Botnia. Experience the rejuvenating effects of these remarkable flowers as they infuse your skincare routine with their gentle yet profound benefits. Embrace the harmony of nature and nurture your skin with our meticulously crafted formulations that celebrate the beauty and vitality of helichrysum flowers.


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