This rare and revered herb is one of the most potent and protected plants in North America. Native Americans have used goldenseal to support the digestive and immune systems and topically for skin conditions. It has been time-tested for thousands of years, but due to its power, it has been chronically overharvested. That's why we vow never to purchase it wild-collected and support the regeneration of goldenseal through careful cultivation. 

Some of goldenseal's most therapeutic properties come from its alkaloid content, including berberine and hydrastine. Together, these alkaloids work synergistically to boost the immune system, particularly in fighting or protecting against foreign invaders. This bacteria-balancer isn't just for the inside; it has a long history of use topically and is used for congested and irritated skin. 

These alkaloids also have skin-soothing properties and create a powerful astringent effect on the tissues, making them effective at both calming and toning. Our estheticians turn to goldenseal when the skin is hot, red, itchy, dry, or just generally irritated. We infuse the leaf and root into face wash, toner, and oil to give sensitive skin some extra TLC. 

Our goldenseal is grown in the United States by our trusted farming partners. We do not support the wild collection of this precious plant and instead aim to promote its regeneration through ongoing cultivation. We support regenerative, organic, and equitable farming practices in efforts to leave a positive impact on our communities and planet.