This large-leafed herb is an ancient mender. It has been used topically for thousands of years across Europe and beyond to support the repair of what's broken. Folk herbalists turn to comfrey as a poultice and compress to stimulate the body's natural regeneration process when bones, muscles, and skin experience damage. 

Comfrey's therapeutic properties are attributed to its unique ability to soothe, restore, and protect damaged tissues. It's also known as a demulcent herb in herbalism, meaning its slimy mucilage polysaccharides coat and ease irritation. This herb also stimulates regeneration due to allantoin, one of its primary chemical constituents. The entire plant is potent with herbal constituents, but comfrey roots contain twice as much allantoin as the leaves. 

Comfrey's smooth, emollient properties create a light barrier on the skin's surface and help the skin lock in hydration. With continuous use, the skin retains more moisture and is smooth and soft to the touch. The mucilage has soothing properties, making it a good choice for rough, red, and dry spots. Our estheticians use comfrey on congested, irritated skin that's breakout-prone. 

Our comfrey is grown at the Botnia Micro-Farm in Sausalito, California, and by our trusted farming partners. We support regenerative, organic, and equitable farming practices in efforts to leave a positive impact on our communities and the planet.


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