We would never sleep on chamomile. This nerve-nourishing herb is herbalism’s billboard for easier days and restful nights. It’s been grown and cherished worldwide for centuries for its gentle – yet highly effective – ability to soothe daily discomforts. While you often see it recommended for frayed nerves and digestive distress, it also has incredible skin-soothing properties. Your herb-inclined friends and family probably turn to it for just about anything and everything. 

Chamomile’s delicate, tiny flowers contain powerful terpenes and flavonoids that work hard to keep the skin balanced, clear, calm, and protected. Through thousands of years of study and modern-day research, we know that chamomile is also one of the most effective herbs for easing redness and irritation, making it a commonly used ingredient in skincare for troubled dry, cracked, irritated, and red skin. When German chamomile is distilled, it yields a rich, bright blue essential oil. This concentrated compound, called azulene, is a powerful visual representation of the plant's cooling and redness-reducing properties. 

At Botnia, we believe in using this plant holistically, meaning we use the entire flower to get its most potent properties working together synergistically to repair the skin. We use chamomile when formulating calming cleaners and restorative facial oils and masks. Our estheticians recommend chamomile – inside and out – when guests are experiencing ongoing stress and irritation. 

Our chamomile flowers are grown at the Botnia Micro-Farm in Sausalito, California, and by our trusted local and regional farming partners like GEM, Tookey Farms, and Oshala. We support regenerative, organic, and equitable farming practices in efforts to leave a positive impact on our communities and planet.


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