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Since becoming an esthetician I always felt that back bars were created with the wrong approach in mind: developed to treat one kind of skin concern based on generality and not specific physiological needs. So after years of frustration with the results of my own services, I developed a new way of treating my clients’ skin. A new philosophy of treating skin specifically using raw ingredients selected at the time of service based on what YOU are finding and not on a general rule about a “skin type.”

The second part of this new approach is to treat our clients’ skin as it physically appears at the time of service and not for future issues or past concerns. Starting every facial with a simple question: what does this skin need to be its healthiest? And then selecting for those findings with more than 20 raw ingredients at your disposal. I’ve found that working with skincare in this way is like working in a kitchen or being a painter: having complete freedom to customize exactly for your client’s skin. Making each facial an artistic approach to practice and an exhilarating creative moment, because every single client has different needs. 

It’s been the honor of my lifetime to be in a community with so many like-minded estheticians such as yourself, and to develop a back bar that has brought so many estheticians the tools to build the skincare practice of their dreams. Thank you for learning more about my company; I look forward to connecting with you soon!

With heart,
Justine Kahn


Our professional back bar contains 23 products designed with the health of the skin, our body’s largest organ, in mind. Taking a gentle approach, we believe that skincare treatments should soothe, nourish, and heal the skin, never stripping it or treating it aggressively. We hand-make every Botnia product at our in-house laboratory in Sausalito, and our back bar offers a full array of physical forms (powders, glycerin extracts, acids, hydrosols, gels, oil, etc.) and functions (buffer, soother, exfoliator, activator, etc.).

Our apothecary-style back bar rewards experimentation and creativity, with every treatment freshly crafted by you at the time of service. You won’t find any pre-made mixes here, but you will find a complete toolkit of skin remedies to design customized services for each client.

Wondering if Botnia is right for you? Great question! At this time, we have to be quite selective about the accounts we work with due to the handmade small batch nature of our skincare and our small micro-farm where we grow many of our own botanicals.

So, if you:

  • Are deeply interested in cocktailing your own facials from prepared-for-you raw ingredients
  • Consider yourself obsessed with holistic health and whole body approach
  • Love plants
  • Serve health conscious clients
  • Utilize or obsessed with starting to use natural or organic skin care already
  • Have a beautiful professional website
  • Or, if you’re a retailer looking for a clean beauty approach to products,

We might be a great match! Our goal is to reach those that are looking to bring their skincare game to the next level with holistic remedies that work. This is truly a special partnership and we spend a great deal of time creating and providing resources that are available to 100% of our esthetician community. Our hope is that you are fully supported to do what you do best: offer healing treatments and sell skincare. 


  • Hand made retail and backbar made from the freshest most potent botanicals in our very own laboratory in California. Backed by science with zero green washing.  
  • Training. Our entire mission is to train you to create custom treatments and incredible results for any and every skin issue you will face using our full spectrum of products. Once you become a beloved customer, we enroll you in a 2 part live training. We offer these interactive online group training 5 times a year, and offer access to recorded training videos.
  • Monthly Check-In Calls. Come to get your questions answered and strategize for success with our founder Justine and the Botnia community! Past discussions in our check-in calls have included topics about business practices, workflow, ingredients, mixing, clients, marketing, and pretty much anything Botnia-related! 
  • Continued Education. Continuing education is a central reason Botnia estheticians are so unique. This community thrives on learning and growth. Included in your partnership is exclusive access to our annual Esthetician Summit and masterclasses throughout the year for you to build your knowledge on skin, healing modalities, plants, etc.
  • Resource Library. 24/7 access to recording of our trainings and classes, as well as documents with info on how to get amazing results for your clients with Botnia and useful marketing/business development information.
  • Private Botnia Esthetician Group. We’ve created a private Facebook group for you to interact with Botnia estheticians across the country. Share information about best practices, exchange your ideas and thoughts with your community!
  • 1 on 1 Support. We have a full-time community support team that is committed to your success and available to support you in any and all ways possible.


Our ultimate goal is to offer professional skincare tools to those who seek them and are aligned in the belief that all skin should be treated uniquely and with whole, healthy ingredients. For that reason, we don’t have an exclusivity agreement with any of our partners. We are abundant thinkers, and we don’t believe in competition. We believe in your business and what you’re creating in your own community. We believe in your powerful dreams and ideas, and we also believe in other women and men in our industry too. Because we are all in this together, changing the industry hand in hand.

As part of our dedication to the diversity of our esthetician community, Botnia is committed to equal partnership opportunity without regard for race, ethnicity, gender, protected veteran status, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, or religion.

We are happy to talk with you about any of these guidelines and explain anything further. We are truly excited to work with you. And we can’t wait for you to experience the results that Botnia will offer you and your clients!


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