The Trick to Refilling Botnia Oil-based Refills

Unlike other refills we make, our Balancing Oil Cleanser Refill is a bit more challenging to set up. You might be asking yourself, “Why? Seems simple enough! Just pour the new refill into a freshly cleaned container.” 

Well, not so fast . . . 

If you wash your oil container with soap and water it is essential that you allow it to COMPLETELY dry before refilling. 

The reason is if you combine even one drop of water with this refill, it will spoil the oil.

But because you’re a savvy consumer, we think you’re up for the challenge! 

How to properly refill your oil-based products//

  • Simply wash your old bottle. (Your milk glass is dishwasher safe!) Make sure it’s tilted completely upside down. 
  • Wait until your bottle is COMPLETELY dry before refilling. (This step is crucial!) 
  • You can throw away your old cap, we have included a fresh one for you. 
  • When you are ready to refill your cleanser, wipe the outside of the straw in the cap with an alcohol pad and make sure it’s dry. Place it to the side on a clean tissue or paper towel.
  • Then carefully pour your oil refill into your milk glass bottle (we recommend a small funnel to help with this step!). 
  • You will have some extra cleanser in your refill bottle so be sure to watch that you don’t just dump the entire oil in. 
  • Place the new cap and enjoy!

So here’s the quick and dirty on why we need to be more careful with oil than our other refills… 

An oil-based product naturally blocks the ability of organic organisms, such as bacteria or mold, to grow inside the product (simply because it contains no water in the formula). When water is introduced, those organisms that are dormant and not able to expand now have a chance to grow! So adding even ONE DROP of water will essentially spoil your oil and it will grow mold or harbor bacteria more easily. Yikes! This is why cosmetics such as creams (oil and water emulsions) contain preservatives. And why it is so important that you know how to safely refill your skincare.

If you have questions or want to see a tutorial, check out our reels on Instagram, we will be sharing our tips and tricks so you feel confident in being a badass who refills oil!


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