Team Botnia’s Ideas for a Sustainable Holiday

We’re in full elf mode and rocking around the Christmas tree shipping out your holiday orders! One question that’s constantly on our minds is How can we be more sustainable today?

Our theme this year is 2021 Sustainable Holiday and we’ve come up with a few offerings for our customers to help make eco-friendly gifting easier:

– Offering refillable skincare: Our refillable line is growing! 

– Curbside-friendly packaging: for easy recycling once you receive a package from us. 

– Shop small businesses: We have partners all over the nation which you can shop local in your state! (While we aren’t yet in all 50 states, we’re always looking for new partners who are interested in carrying Botnia!)

Every day at Botnia, we’re choosing new ways to be more eco-friendly both in the lab and in our daily lives, and how we can help positively impact the earth. Wondering how the Botnia team is celebrating a sustainable holiday this year? Here are some ways we’re making small changes to help out Mother Earth:

In celebration of the season, we’re hosting our very first sustainable secret Santa! Each gift must be a sustainable product that can be used every day. We’re eliminating gifts that otherwise could end up in landfills.

Many of us are switching from shopping big box stores to supporting local and small businesses in our area. Peonie, Botnia’s Customer Care is supporting local makers and artists for gift-giving. Arturo from Shipping is starting to support his local farmer’s market this holiday season. Sam, our manufacturing specialist, and Amanda, our master esthetician are both hand-making gifts this year.

We also know traveling can cause a large carbon footprint, so Sam, our manufacturing specialist is biking to work every day. When it rains, she carpools with Jonathan, Shipping and Logistics Manager! (Team effort!) 

Packaging and extra waste are also on our minds. Michelle, our head manufacturing specialist, and Amanda are reusing packaging, like shipping boxes and void fill for gift wrapping – how about we make this a yearly thing!? Jonathan is using extra jars at home to bring snacks and lunches to work. Sara has been bringing her reusable produce bags to forgo single-use plastics when grocery shopping. For the new parents out there, Jacqueline, our community manager, recommends using EarthBaby, a compostable diaper service that delivers and picks up diaper waste conveniently from your home!

If you’re having guests over this year, why not swap out your current cleaning supplies for homemade, natural cleansers? Isabella, manufacturing specialist and herbalist, has switched to making her own cleansers and using natural fibers for sponges and towels to clean her home before guests arrive. We’re also choosing to use natural holiday decorations or invest in high-quality ornaments that can be used year after year.

Elf on a shelf is back and I’m sure he’s going to be up to “snow good.” Last year he made his way into boxes, jars, and even the dishwasher! There’s no telling what mischief he’ll get himself into this holiday season at Botnia HQ. Not to mention he reports back to Santa each and every night on who’s been naughty and who’s been nice. So be on the lookout for his wandering eyes! To add to the fun we’ll also be having a countdown for our shipping deadline of December 17 that we’ll share on Instagram!

We’d love to hear your sustainable swaps! Let us know your tips in the comments below.

Merry Merry,
The Botnia Elves

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