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Botnia Skincare: Hydrosol vs. Toner

At Botnia Skincare, we’ve formulated two different types of water-based products that balance the pH levels of your skin after cleansing: Toners and Hydrosols. You might be thinking: What’s the difference? Let’s keep it simple: A toner or hydrosol is used to bring your skin’s pH level back into balance after you’ve used a cleanser, …

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Botnia Summer Swaps: Oils and Hydrosols

Hey world, we’re ready to get back outside and let our skin feel the sunshine again! If you’re heading outdoors, here are our swaps for your summer skincare routine, to get and keep that radiant glow!  How heat affects our skin// We’ve shared our guide to preventing sun-damaged skin by explaining how sunburns happen and …

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Botnia Skincare Seasonal Hydrosols

You might know and use our limited edition seasonal hydrosols like our Rose Geranium hydrosol, grown with love by my family. Or our Juniper hydrosol, wildcrafted and grown in the untouched New Mexico desert. But for those who are new to the clean beauty space, I’m sure you’ve asked the questions: What is a hydrosol? …

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