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Regenerative Skincare

Organic skincare, green skincare, clean skincare . . . there are so many terms for skincare with good intentions… but have you heard of regenerative skincare? We’re not just talking about how our products help to regenerate your skin cells—we’re also taking important steps to source ingredients that help to regenerate the planet, too! Re·gen·er·a·tive …

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Botnia customers are the best in the world! We thank you for being conscious consumers and asking us over the years for refillable and plastic-free options for your skincare. In addition to our two foaming face washes, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve included both our Toner and Rose Water Toner in aluminum refill bottles! …

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But Does Clean Beauty Really Work?

The words clean beauty are thrown around a lot, and like most marketing terms, they mean something different to each company using them. To me, clean beauty means that your skincare is free of harmful ingredients, that your skincare is naturally derived, and that your skincare is rooted in building the health of the skin …

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