Reflections: 2021 Botnia Esthetician Workshop Summit

In October we gather with our spa partners for continuing education. It’s something I look forward to every year because every year since I launched this company, we’ve met the needs of our estheticians in a different way. This year was all about supporting them as they went back into their treatment rooms. What that meant for our workshop were classes that looked at each part of what it means to be a business owner right now and offering tools that spoke to each area we operate in. From finances to facial massage, we wanted to offer a holistic look at all areas of our lives and businesses. 

Each speaker from this year’s workshop has personally changed the way I operate my business. It was an honor to share them with our esthetician partners. But what impressed me the most was how our partners showed up to do the work to dive deeply into their goals. 

When I zoom out and look at the big picture of our community, I see a new future for estheticians, maybe even an entirely new way of being a business owner—one where instead of competition we have sisterly love and help other women like us thrive. I see a future where we get to support each other’s growth through our businesses. As a company, I see that we are taking on new roles in business to meet the needs of our community with supportive care.

This year we’ve been looking at our businesses with a common thread: holistic business, finance, facial skills, pharmaceutical knowledge, breathing deeply, building a day that inspires us, and making skincare we love to use. 

Thank you to all our partners. I can’t wait to watch all of their businesses thrive and see how they incorporate these tools into their practice. 

And if you are a client of a Botnia partner, know this: you are supporting a business that is much like mine, filled with dreams, heart, and soul. The estheticians who use Botnia skincare are so much more than just estheticians, they are strong thriving business owners who care deeply about healing, health, and wellness. 

With love and admiration,

P.S. Looking to become a Botnia Partner? Check out our requirements and the qualities we look for in our estheticians here.

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