Reflection Self-care for NYE

Well, here we are . . . at the end of another year. No matter what you’ve experienced, we can say that we’ve all grown as humans in different ways. And as people with big dreams, goals, and plans, one of the most common mistakes we forget to do before barreling forward is to pause, look back, and reflect. We’re here to support your new year beyond your skincare routine. We’re all for developing new habits – especially ones that are beneficial to your long-term health.

Take a moment to zoom out to a holistic view of your life and the habits within it, and see how you can tweak your habits and make the changes you want to see. 

Pause here//

Grab a pen and paper and make space for reflection. Ask yourself these simple questions as you’re reflecting on this year and write them by yourself or with a partner. Take as much time as you need to write out each answer and when you think you’re done, ask yourself, “What else?” and write down any new ideas that come to mind. 

By taking the time to ask yourself a few questions, this reflection will help you in creating a more intentional 2023. 

What worked out really well this year?

What did you do this year that you were really proud of?

What obstacles did you overcome and/or problems did you solve?

What was something that felt hard that you did anyway?

What were areas that you wanted to change that fell by the wayside?

What excuses did you make in 2022?

Who’s somebody you need to make amends with?

What big lessons did you learn about yourself in 2022?

When we take the time to reflect on our past, it helps us to see areas of improvement to guide us in creating a thoughtful future and positive change. You can apply this to your skincare routine or to something bigger: dream big! When we can turn failures and mistakes into lessons, it helps us grow as humans. 

Wishing you an intentional year ahead!

With love,
Team Botnia

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