Botnia customers are the best in the world! We thank you for being conscious consumers and asking us over the years for refillable and plastic-free options for your skincare.

In addition to our two foaming face washes, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve included both our Toner and Rose Water Toner in aluminum refill bottles! Aluminum can be recycled again and again, and won’t be down-cycled into lesser packaging. All our refills now feature recycled paper labels, too.

A huge goal of ours is to reduce our reliance on plastic. While we’re not yet 100% plastic-free, we are working every day toward becoming more and more environmentally sustainable as a company.


You might be asking, how is aluminum better than plastic?

First, it’s made from nature, found with other elements such as sulfur, silicon, and oxygen. Pure, metallic aluminum can be economically produced only from aluminum oxide ore. It’s lightweight, strong, non-magnetic, and non-toxic. It conducts heat and electricity and reflects heat and light. It is strong but easily workable, and it retains its strength under extreme cold without becoming brittle. The surface of aluminum quickly oxidizes to form an invisible barrier to corrosion. Aluminum bottles can also be reused as water bottles, salad dressing bottles, a vase for flowers, coffee, or cocktails on the go . . . lots of creative options! Additionally, aluminum can be easily and economically recycled into new products. While we know that refills aren’t the be-all, end-all solution to our packaging needs, we believe they’re definitely a step in the right direction.


Note: For our foaming cleansers – the key thing about this product is that you’ll NEED your original foamer bottle. The only way to get that luscious foam is through the pump mechanism of the foamer top, so make sure you have a foamer bottle handy before buying a refill!

Here’s how to clean and prepare your empty Botnia bottle for refilling (whether glass or plastic); just follow these simple steps.

  1. Wash the original bottle thoroughly with hot soapy water to remove any remnants of your old product, then rinse clean and let dry. Give the foamer/spray top a few extra pumps to clear the straw of any residue.
  2. To be extra sure your original bottle is clean, spray it with a little isopropyl alcohol (this isn’t necessary, but extra precaution can never hurt!). Let dry.
  3. Pour your refill into the freshly cleaned bottle. Our refill sizes are a bit bigger than our standard bottles, so you’ll have a little extra skincare to love!
  4. Carefully peel and transfer the batch sticker from your refill to your original bottle so you can watch the shelf life of your fresh skincare. You can track your batch on our website!

Thank you for helping us in this initiative; Mother Earth thanks you too!

Yours in recycling,
The Botnia Team

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