Our Non-Negotiables When Traveling with Botnia Skincare

Our Non-Negotiables When Traveling with Botnia Skincare

Packing your bags? Keep your carry-on light and take only the basics with you. If you’re in need of a quick fix, we have three different ready-made travel kits available on our website. Our leak-resistant, easy-to-clean bags are handmade in Oakland, CA from recycled racing sails featuring a modern basketry weave. All our travel sizes are TSA-approved and last about two weeks each. If you have a little more time to prepare, we’re sharing our team’s tricks for traveling with your Botnia products!

Our non-negotiables//

Keeping your skin hydrated is the most important thing to keep in mind when traveling. Your skin will be adjusting to the new environment you’re in and may react to keep itself balanced. Our founder Justine’s must-haves when traveling via airplane are the Hydrating Serum and Soothing Repair Mask. They’ll be your in-flight BFFs for plump, hydrated skin. Justine suggests layering on the Soothing Repair Mask when you start your flight (it goes on clear) and by the time you land, your skin will be glowing, just in time to start your vacation!

Our newest multi-purpose product, Essential Enzymes is also a perfect addition to your travel bag! It functions as both a cleanser and mask treatment so you’ll have one less bottle to carry with you on your trip!

If you’re going on a road trip, it’s easy to take our Gentle Hand Lotion with you, even when you’re camping! Peonie from customer care uses it as body lotion and its no-mess, locking pump keeps your dirty hands out of the container and your skin soft as ever. It comes in a 200 ml bottle which is plenty for an entire road trip through the states!

Eco-containers and decanting//

Have previous containers of samples? Clean them with a little isopropyl alcohol and reuse them when traveling. We love taking our powdered masks with us in reusable containers. No goat’s milk yogurt available? Mix the powder with our Soothing Repair Mask or hydrosols while on the road!

If you’re able to take your full bottles of Botnia with you (woohoo!), tag us in your vacation pics! And if you’ve kept the little plastic overcap that comes when your Botnia bottle is shipped, now is its time to shine! Keeping the cap on will help keep the pump in place. We recommend wrapping our oils in saran wrap or keeping them in a separate bag right-side-up to prevent spills. 

Last-minute tips//

We know our shipping takes a bit of time. (Sorry, we don’t offer rush orders.) So we highly recommend finding a Botnia spa partner near you to purchase those last-minute skincare items. 

Don’t forget to keep your hands clean! If you can’t get to a sink and soap, our hand sanitizer is the next best thing. Find it in a travel size and keep it close.

We love to see where you take your skincare, please tag us @botniaskincare! We hope you travel well!

Team Botnia

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