(Rosa spp.)

I have a saying that “we” are all roses, meaning that we have so many similarities to this beautiful plant.

In Botnia’s skincare we use almost all of the rose plant in different cycles of its life in various ways. We use rose petals infused in our face oils, we extract rose’s beneficial constituents through distillation, glycerite extracts, and hydrosols. We use the fruit of the rose (rose hip) both ground and oil extracted from the rose in our face oil and face masks alike.

All of this love for rose is not merely because of its beauty; rose is a superfood for the skin.

Rose has incredible emollient properties. It offers a light and silky feel on the skin, and reduces trans-epidermal water loss. Rose has great physical and chemical stability and excellent compatibility with other ingredients. It is non-irritant and is very biocompatible with our skin. Chemical constituents in rose such as Citral, Geranial, and Neral are all members of a group of chemicals known as terpenes and are potent antimicrobials. Citral is also used in the synthesis of vitamin A. Another powerful antimicrobial and antiseptic that is found in roses, eugenol is also one of the most potent of known antioxidants, which can help to relieve oxidative stress. The antimicrobial properties make rose a great addition for fighting acne. Rose is astringent and helps to constrict blood vessels and is great for rosacea. Rose also contains Vitamin C, Carotenoids, Lycopene, B3, E, and K  in the hips and aids the skin in regeneration—amazing for wise skin types.

We grow roses on our microfarm and make our own hydrosols in-house with our alembic still. We also source roses from the westarn United States. All our roses are grown without the use of conventional pesticides, which ensures the potency of our roses.

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