(Hydrastis canadensis)

Goldenseal is an endangered species. We only use goldenseal that was grown specifically for use in skincare; we never use “wildcrafted” goldenseal, meaning none of our goldenseal was found in the wild where it is endangered. Goldenseal root and bark tissues contain a variety of organic compounds called alkaloids such as berberine and hydrastine. Studies have shown that together the family of alkaloids in goldenseal work synergistically to fight bacteria and fungi more effectively than any one of the compounds individually. Studies have shown that goldenseal root effectively acts as an antibacterial agent and can even help combat drug-resistant staphylococcus bacteria. One method by which this is achieved is that the chemical compounds of whole-plant goldenseal extract work synergistically to reduce bacterial cells’ ability to export and eject antibacterial chemicals. These compounds are known as efflux inhibitors and their efficacy has been supported by multiple studies. Goldenseal has a long history as a popular remedy for both internal and external uses. Used by Native Americans for soothing the skin and treating wounds, goldenseal’s anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antiseptic,  and astringent actions are beneficial in healing skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, and acne. It has been applied topically in herbal solutions to alleviate itchy rashes, fungal conditions, cold sores, herpes blisters, ulcers, infections from wounds to the skin, dandruff, cradle cap, and ringworm. Taken internally, it is used as a remedy for colds, fever, allergic rhinitis (hay fever), and sore throats.

Goldenseal’s antimicrobial properties are attributed to the isoquinoline alkaloid constituents found primarily in berberine and hydrastine. Berberine has demonstrated amoebicidal, antibacterial, antifungal, cytotoxic, and hepatoprotective actions. Hydrastine is a chief alkaloid of goldenseal, demonstrating expectorant, emetic, and antiamoebic activities. These alkaloids’ skin-healing properties create a potent astringent effect on mucous membranes. This effect calms and heals the skin and can be beneficial to irritated and inflamed skin. They destroy many types of bacteria and relieve congestion.

We use both goldenseal leaf and root in our skincare to treat a wide range of disease and disorder in the skin; from treating acne to eczema, goldenseal is an incredible asset to our skincare. We source organically grown, pesticide-free goldenseal from the eastern United States.

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