(Calendula officinalis)

The lymphatic system and the skin: A healthy lymphatic system promotes clear complexions, healthy skin, and helps reduce puffiness around the eyes or other types of inflammation. In addition, the lymphatic system also acts as a vessel for transporting our fat-soluble nutrients, vitamins A, D, E and F, and all our essential fatty acids. This is all needed to maintain good health, eyesight, bone and skin structure. I like to use Calendula hydrosol topically on the skin for the lymphatic system due to its ability to penetrate into the skin and heal through its ability to move lymphatic fluid.

One of the hard things with topically applying oils is getting the medicine where it needs to be (in this case the lymphatic system), oils would not be the best way to apply calendula. ( most oils are too large to penetrate deeply into your tissue, thus taking longer for any of the beneficial parts of the plant to reach your lymphatic system through your skin) with hydrosols, you are able to directly apply to the skin and absorb into the tissue of the epidermis where the lymphatic system sits just under. Once absorbed Calendula will make its way into your lymphatic system through the complex tissue in your dermis that sits with your lymphatic vessels. Calendula is operating on the level beneath the skin and the wound itself, maintaining a healthy flow of lymphatic fluids and thus keeping a consistent supply of immunological components and preventing any infection from spreading and keeping your skin healthy.

Side note: there are many other beneficial applications to the skin from calendula because of its ability to take down inflammation, such as, an oil infusion, salve or balm. But in my opinion, working in the treatment room with it, I have found that hydrosols have the strongest and most profound effect on the lymphatic system topically. I have also noticed a lightening of hyperpigmentation from surface sun damage that is dramatic and noticeable. I plan to do a study in the future on hyperpigmentation and calendula.

In short, Calendula is one of the most important allies you can have in your medicinal garden for skin, lymphatic, and tissue health. Not to mention how absolutely beautiful it’s yellow/orange sun-worshiping flowers are.

We grow our own calendula in our micro-farm in Sausalito, California and also source calendula from the western United States. All our calendula is grown organically without the use of pesticides on small organic farms we have a personal connection with.

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