How to Spring Clean Your Skincare Routine

What the heck does seasonal skincare mean?! How is my skin different in the spring than in the winter?! As an esthetician with over 20 years of experience, believe me: seasonal skincare is real, because your skin changes with the seasons; one of my favorite sayings is we are nature!   

The biggest thing you should know about seasonality is your environment. Depending on the extremes in weather in your area, you might need more or fewer of my suggestions. Off the cuff, the best way to truly get the right skincare is to visit an esthetician in your area to receive a customized spring facial and regime for your exact skin based on your climate (visit our partners’ page to find a Botnia spa partner near you!). But for those of you who want a 50-foot view of how to care for your skin as the days get longer, here are my high-level springtime tips. 

In the winter months, you’re likely to hang out indoors away from sun exposure, and with shorter days and cooler temperatures, your heater has most likely been on full blast. That causes your skin to do double-time to keep moisture in! Using an occlusive moisturizer or balm is important, and add in heavier oils and gentle, soothing face washes to your skincare regimen. But in spring as the weather warms, you might be using your heater less and less and the days become longer and brighter, so your skin can shift with those changes. Humidity rises and transdermal water loss stops being the issue at hand. So in this season, it’s all about a little gentle daily exfoliation alongside plenty of hydration, plus SPF protection.

Here’s my go-to 5 step skincare ritual for spring.

Cleanse with a gentle barrier supportive cleanser. In the spring months, use a cleanser that’s supportive of your skin’s acid mantle and microbiome. Cream cleansers, oil cleansers, and our Gentle Cleanser are balanced and won’t strip your skin, leaving you feeling hydrated, not tight, and depleted. 

Gently exfoliate with toner. Toners are incredible at balancing during spring transitions because they adjust your acid mantle and support your skin in fighting pathogens. Our Toner also has the added benefit of being slightly exfoliating. The way I like to approach exfoliation is to do it gently. Our toner has a little glycolic acid along with willow bark, goldenseal, and arnica extracts to aid your skin in sloughing off dead skin cells that might have accumulated over the winter. Pro tip! Use a non-disposable, reusable cotton round to apply toner, which helps you get a very slight physical exfoliation with the application. 

Hydrate with a serum or face oil. Depending on your skin’s barrier and level of winter dehydration, choosing a serum for springtime can aid your skin in recovering its plump, soft, hydrated self. For drier skin, our Hydrating Serum (like a drink of water for your face!) is packed with hyaluronic acid, and for more balanced to oily skin, try a face oil like our Clarity Oil or Replenishing Facial Oil

Occlusive barrier support. Keeping in hydration over the spring months is very important! I like to think about face creams as conditioning and moisture support. Transdermal water loss is when valuable hydration leaves your skin due to dryer conditions and lack of humidity. Keeping your skin supple and hydrated involves using a combination of water and oil to mimic the surface of the skin and to offer supple hydration. 

SPF back in the mix. During the dark days of winter, SPF might have taken a backseat in your medicine cabinet. If you fell off the SPF wagon, now’s the time to bring back the habit of applying a mineral sunscreen daily. No matter what celebrities say, using SPF every day (all over your face and not as a highlighter!) will aid your skin’s long-term health and wellness, help fight off free radicals and radiation, and keep your underlying tissues healthy and vibrant.

If you need further support we’re always happy to help! Send us an email or sign up for our newsletter; skin is what lights us up, so we’re all about sharing insights on how to care for your largest organ. Did you know we also offer complimentary skin consultations with Botnia master estheticians? Yep, whether you’re dealing with specific skin conditions or just want some general product recommendations and advice, we have a team of holistic estheticians ready to answer your skincare questions and offer advice tailored to your unique skin. Happy spring, all!


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