How to Choose a Botnia Moisturizer (pt.2) – East Coast and Cold Winter Climates

As we continue our journey east, winters here and in the northern states are frigid, snowy, and harsh. Our holistic estheticians are here to share their thoughts on their clients’ needs for moisturizers in their region. 

Northeast// Emily of Elderflower Esthetics, Rutland, VT

Most common skin conditions: Compromised barrier
Recommendations: Daily Face Cream with added boosters

A trick we can take from our winter closet is layering. Your winter skincare routine should have you layering up, just like you do with your clothing, so pack it on thick! If you feel overly dry or chapped and plan to spend a long time outdoors, apply a balm as additional protection. An occlusive balm usually made up of a combination of waxes, oils, and butters can help combat transdermal water loss, which causes dryer skin.

My absolute favorite moisturizer to recommend to my clients is the Daily Face Cream customized with boosters! The Antioxidant Booster is my new favorite for sun-damaged skin. The Ultra Calming Booster is great for sensitive skin, and I love Goldenseal for skin that needs extra support. To see other tips and tricks to keep your skin happy in the winter from Emily, read more here

Mid-Atlantic// Rachel of Rachel Ferraro Esthetics, Mt. Airy, MD

Most common skin conditions: Dehydration, breakouts, redness, inflammation
Recommendations: Daily Face Cream with added boosters 

Here in Maryland, we have what’s called the “Spring of Deception”… and then another round of winter-ish temps well into April. Temperatures can fluctuate from 70 degrees one day and back to the 30s the next. Needless to say, clients come in with skin that is a bit stressed because it just doesn’t know how to acclimate to the constant drastic changes. I often see a combination of dehydration, breakouts, and redness/inflammation which can require a delicate balance to remedy. I remind clients that on the days when it’s warmer to just apply less of their “winter moisturizer” rather than switching things up now which is a bit too early. Then on the days where we have colder temps, they can really slather it on!

My clients absolutely love the Daily Face Cream because it’s the perfect combo of not too light and not too heavy. During these tricky months, I will add a combo of Antiseptic Booster and the Ultimate Hydration Booster to support both needs of the skin. I also remind them how important it is to apply their cream to damp skin – either just after cleansing or after an application of toner/hydrosol. When I am treating a client who is truly inflamed and dry, I lean toward adding the Ultra Calming Booster and Goldenseal to this moisturizer. I LOVE the fact that I can hand them a jar of cream that I know is exactly what their skin needs during this crazy time of year!

Midwest// Sara of The Darling Den, St. Paul, MN

Most common skin conditions: Dry, dull skin
Recommendations: Daily Face Cream

In Minnesota, dry and dull skin is most common here. My clients are looking for dewy, hydrated skin that glows, so it’s important that we are aiding in healing and calming dry, easily irritated winter skin. My favorite combination for winter is Replenishing Facial Oil, Hydrating Serum, and Daily Face Cream. This “cocktail” will act as a treatment throughout the day, targeting all your skin’s needs.

Midwest// Patricia of Spellbound Skincare, Indianapolis, IN

Most common skin conditions: Dry skin
Recommendations: Daily Face Cream

Here in Indiana, this winter has been especially cold and windy. My clients have been cranking up the heat in their homes, which causes their skin to become quite dry. I always recommend the use of a humidifier and a good moisturizer to help keep the skin hydrated. My go-to has always been the Daily Face Cream because it delivers the perfect amount of hydration to the skin.

Southwest// Summer of Sanctuary Spa, Fort Collins, CO

Most common skin conditions: Dehydration, irritation
Recommendations: Restorative Face Cream

Abundant sunshine and an outdoor playground are what Colorado is known for! I am definitely seeing an increase in dehydrated, irritated skin due to UV exposure, wind, cold, and lack of humidity. We live in an environment where most people are spending their downtime outside doing activities like hiking, biking, snowshoeing, and skiing. So fun but not so nice to our skin!

The remedy I’ve been reaching for lately for myself and clients is the Restorative Face Cream due to its nourishing protection from the elements we encounter. I love this particular blend for the hyaluronic acid base to help retain the epidermal water content and squalane. Squalane olive-derived oil helps to maintain the health of our skin’s barrier and provides protection against free radical damage since it’s a powerful antioxidant! A definite healthy skin necessity this time of year!

If you live in an area with snow and harsher winter climates, layering your skincare will be a game-changer for your defense against frigid weather. Adding in our professional back bar boosters to your face creams help treat and heal while protecting your skin from the environment. Interested in learning more? DM us with your skin journey and we’ll help you find the right moisturizer for your unique skin.


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