How to Choose a Botnia Moisturizer (pt.1) – West Coast and Warm Winter Climates

Any guesses on the first Botnia product ever created? If you guessed our Daily Face Cream, gold stars for you! Besides a cleanser or face wash, if we could recommend only one other product you need in your skincare routine, it would be a moisturizer, especially in the wintertime! Face creams are beneficial for the skin for so many reasons and we’re excited to share with you the key benefits and our perspective for using moisturizers in different parts of the country (since our winter climates can vary so much). From coast to coast, our holistic estheticians are here to share with you their thoughts on moisturizers!

A Wintertime must-have//

We’re still in the final days of winter, though it’s already showing signs of spring here in Sausalito! With the wind chill in the air, you’ll want to use an occlusive barrier to help protect your skin from the environment and prevent dryness or transdermal water loss. Dryness of the skin can lead to tightness, stinging, or tingling of the skin, which can lead to wrinkles and other skin conditions. Imagine a desert floor, where the loss of water creates cracks in the earth: the same goes for your skin. You’ll want to create an invisible oasis for your skin to lock in that moisture when you head outdoors.

Botnia Face Creams//

Daily Face Cream – The little black dress of moisturizers! Our perfect everyday moisturizer that doesn’t leave you feeling heavy or greasy. Jojoba, meadowfoam, and squalane oils help nourish your skin. It’s the Goldilocks of face creams that can also be customized for different skin conditions through one of our spa partners! It’s why we offer this cream in a jar form! 

Daily Face Cream Light – If you’re not into looking like a glazed donut, Daily Face Cream Light is the virtually weightless version of our Daily Face Cream. Great for oilier skin types who still want protection from the environment.

Restorative Face Cream – This silky moisturizer has added botanicals that help fight signs of aging, perfect for wise skin types! It’s used to help plump, tighten and nourish your skin while fighting inflammation.

How to use//

Use any one of our face creams as the last step in your routine. In the morning, don’t forget to use SPF to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. (Yes, you need it! The sun doesn’t stop shining in the winter!)

For extra hydration or conditioning, use a serum chosen for your unique skin, and you’ve got a powerful duo that’ll help rebuild your skin barrier even when it’s cold out.

Around the U.S. – West Coast and warmer winter climates//

Winter looks different in all parts of the nation. In the west and southern states, we experience more mild but dry winters. Our holistic estheticians are here to share their thoughts on moisturizers in their region. 

Pacific Northwest// Samantha of Spruce Apothecary, Seattle, WA

Most common skin conditions: Dry skin, dehydration, inflammation
Recommendations: Daily Face Cream with added boosters, Restorative Face Cream 

Almost all of my clients are suffering from dry or dehydrated skin, especially this time of year. I’m seeing inflamed skin (redness and peeling) in addition to tightness and discomfort. A weakened moisture barrier can cause harm to your skin in various ways (dryness, tightness, acne, and premature aging). It’s important to add in a heavier cream or a cream that’s specialized for your specific skin type. At Spruce, we love customizing moisturizers for every client! I love Botnia back bar boosters for this very reason. I always lean toward the goldenseal and the hydration boosters. For most of my clients in Seattle I would add this combo in their Daily Face Cream or recommend the Restorative Face Cream!

West Coast// Jinny of Polish Beauty, Pacifica, CA

Most common skin conditions: Extreme dryness causing flakiness, dehydration, fine lines, and wrinkles
Recommendations: Daily Face Cream, Restorative Face Cream

This time of year I’m seeing extreme dryness which is causing flakiness, rosacea flare-ups, superficial fine lines, and wrinkles from dehydrated skin. Also puffy eyes from extreme cold and lack of microcirculation in the eye area. Lastly, blotchy and/or uneven skin due to lack of cellular turnover. The need for moisturizer is ever so necessary, as well as a supplemental oil. The layering effect helps to seal in the lipidic moisture barrier and the moisturizer. The oil will treat the layers of the skin with nutrients that the skin will readily accept and acclimate to the skin. 

I just love the Daily Face Cream—which is for everyone! The Restorative Face Cream is an amazing powerhouse moisturizer too, as it fights inflammation from extreme, bipolar wintry conditions.

West Coast// Mia of Colette Sugar, San Jose, CA

Most common skin conditions: Dehydration and inflammation
Recommendations: Daily Face Cream

Dry and cool weather can leave the skin feeling and looking dehydrated and/or make the skin more susceptible to inflammation which means gentle barrier repair in the treatment is our number one goal. However, for those who keep to their consistent recommended regimen, I’m also seeing balanced skin, which makes me so happy! Depending on the clients’ skin, I may recommend a heavier cream throughout the winter OR add a soothing booster and/or hyaluronic acid to their current moisturizer. The Daily Face Cream, hands down, has been my go-to! It’s such a powerhouse product in that it’s such a perfectly balanced weight, and I can customize it for all skin types. The Daily Face Cream flies off the shelves every time I get a fresh new shipment in! 

Southeast// Jacqueline of Cactus Jacq, St. Cloud, FL

Most common skin conditions: Dry skin, irritation, inflammation
Recommendations: Daily Face Cream

The weather in Florida causes a lot of dryness, irritation, and inflammation this time of year. I’m using cooling and soothing ingredients in the treatment room to bring down the heat for dry/damp nature and soothing and hydrating for dry/cold nature. I love the Daily Face Cream – it’s a beautiful blend of waters and oils giving the skin that deep hydration and protection! Consuming water is also a must if you’re feeling dry and inflamed internally. 

With milder winter climates, dehydrated skin and inflammation are the most common conditions our estheticians see in the treatment room. Using a good occlusive moisturizer will seal all the hydration in your skin and keep you glowing through the cold(ish) months.

West Coast friends, need a recommendation? Email or DM us! Our master estheticians are ready to share their moisturizer suggestions! 


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