How to Become A Botnia Esthetician

I have some questions out there for you estheticians reading this! Have you ever thought about bringing Botnia into your treatment room? Maybe you’ve been considering applying but aren’t sure if now is the right time?

As an esthetician who’s been using Botnia for the last several years in my own practice, and someone who now works with Botnia HQ, something I’ve learned is how important it is to use a skincare line that you feel fully aligned and resonate with. For myself, it was essential to find an organic, small-batch, science-based botanical line that was also sustainable. But I wanted something extra special that would enable me to cater to each individual that came to see me, along with plenty of training and support. When I found Botnia the rest was history!

I know how overwhelming it can feel to choose a skincare line for your business and then learn how to best use it to see results. If you’ve ever wondered if Botnia would be the right match for your business or have been curious about our application process, we’ve laid out a clear roadmap to becoming a Botnia esthetician!

What sets Botnia Skincare apart from other skin care lines?

Botnia has a unique philosophy that solves for the frustration you might feel after working with most “squeeze and apply” lines. See, most professional back bars are developed to treat one kind of skin concern based on general rules about skin types. You know from the hours you’ve spent treating clients that generality can cause real problems, like never being able to get the results you want for everyone’s unique skin, or even terrible reactions to products because of one ingredient in a pre-made mix.”

Our full tool kit of botanical raw ingredients to mix based on your own findings was created by Botnia’s founder and esthetician, Justine, to enable the esthetician to treat the skin as it physically exists in the moment, emphasizing the importance of maintaining and protecting the skin’s barrier. Putting the focus on the skin’s current state rather than the ‘skin type’ along with your client’s concerns allows you to address what their skin needs at the moment to be its healthiest. 

Our back bar is a complete 23 ingredient apothecary that works in synergy to treat any skin problem imaginable. Every treatment is freshly crafted at the time of the service by the you, esthetician. No two facials are ever alike (more about what your clients can expect from a Botnia facial here). You have the freedom to choose what your client needs for their unique skin. No squeeze tube bottles here. The genius of the back bar is experienced when you creatively use the whole line by customizing treatments for every client, like being in the kitchen or painting! 

Botnia’s entire mission is to train you to create customized treatments and get incredible results for any and every skin issue you’ll face. We offer initial live training and continued education on how to use this full system, along with live monthly Q+A calls, our annual workshop, and one-on-one support, and many other resources so that you feel completely supported and ready to dive in!

What is the Botnia esthetician approach?

As a Botnia esthetician, the focus is on healing each individual’s unique skin as it currently exists with a holistic approach. The skin isn’t treated as though it acts on its own, separate from the body’s systems. It is treated in connection to the entire body. The whole body approach sees the body as a system perfect in its creation. Paying attention to the body’s systems creates a path towards finding the root cause of skin imbalances. The goal is to support the skin’s physiological functions by feeding the skin with nutritional skincare that is customized to the individual.

Do you require a monthly re-ordering minimum for your wholesale accounts?

We hope our partners carry a retail selection to offer their clients, and that they reorder monthly, but we currently don’t have a hard and fast rule about reordering after your initial opening order. Though this may change in the future, we do look for partners that will be able to uphold monthly orders. Our philosophy is that the backbar is for triage and treatment, but the retail is where your clients will really get the results for the long term health of their skin. Botnia is nutritional skincare that utilizes botanicals to build up the health of the skin, much like a balanced diet for the body!

What if I only want to order the backbar?

The back bar and the retail line are designed to work as a system that creates optimal results for your clients. Botnia’s retail line features gentler forms of the same ingredients that are in our professional back bar line because we’ve identified these ingredients as full-spectrum nutrition for your skin. We’re looking for partners to bring in retail along with the backbar. Homecare is a HUGE part of your clients’ skin journey! 

What if I’m not quite ready to apply for an account (but plan on applying soon), do you have suggestions on what I can do in the meantime until I am ready?

Whether you’re getting ready to revamp or open your business, are transitioning to a holistic approach, or are looking for a special, new way of offering holistic facials, the timing has to be right for you to commit to a new line for your skincare practice! This may be a completely new way of offering facials for you, so it’s important to resonate with and understand the style and approach of these apothecary facials. It’s a big decision and investment to bring on a skincare line and you want to be sure it feels in alignment with what you’re offering. Something I highly recommend if you’re planning on bringing Botnia into your practice is to try the products out for yourself! Trying out one of our travel kits and a few of our masks is a great way to get an idea of how Botnia feels on your skin and what it feels like to mix up masks for yourself. Practice on friends and family to get an idea of what it feels like to craft up a bespoke facial!

Another tip I have is one you’re currently taking advantage of: reading our blogs! We have over 90 original blog articles on everything from our view and approach to exfoliants to seasonal skincare. It’s a great way to learn more about what we’re all about!

What does Botnia look for in the application process?

From my experience of using Botnia in the treatment room for the past several years, I know firsthand how much intention, quality, thought and care go into the making of each product. Now that I’m behind the scenes in my role as community specialist, I’m also an active witness and participant in how much goes into the application process. The same amount of thought and intention goes into this process because each and every one of our partnerships is so special!

One of the big reasons we take a close look at our applications is because of the small batch nature of our products, many of which are grown right on the Botnia microfarm (read more about our farm practices here). All of our products are handmade in small batches at our in-house laboratory in Sausalito. We also have growing guides for our plants that go into your skincare. This allows us to focus on maintaining the integrity of the plants so that the end result is beautiful, functional skincare. We accept a small handful of new partners each year and onboard more slowly than other companies might because we truly are hands on every step of the way!

There are also a few things we’ll take a closer look at when you send in your application.

This allows us to get a glimpse into your offerings to be sure we are the right match! Some of the things we look at are:

-the ratio of facials in your services, so that we can potentially protect your investment because as you may know, organic skincare does not have an indefinite shelf life 

-a beautiful, professional website that represents the philosophy of care

-types of services offered so we can try to understand if you approach will align with yours

-having a holistic approach to skin health, like we do!


While during the application process we do look at location and the proximity of a partner in your area, the goal is never to become hyper-saturated in a particular area. One thing that really drew me to Botnia was the idea of abundance over competition, supporting fellow estheticians whether they are near or far (the more that people can access and experience Botnia, the more skin we can heal!). We are always transparent with our applicants and partners if we feel mindful growth is important in a specific area. Our ultimate goal is to offer professional skincare tools to those who seek them and are aligned in the belief that all skin should be treated uniquely and with whole, healthy ingredients!

Insider tip! 

Your notes matter! We love to read the thoughtful messages that applicants send in with their application. If you don’t yet have that beautiful, professional website, that’s ok! If you’re shifting your business to focus more on facials, great! Feel free to send in a note that tells us a little more about your overall vision, your connection to holistic health, or anything you feel is relevant. It’s a great way for us to learn more about where you and your business are headed. The beauty of a skincare practice is that it can be ever-evolving!

How can I find out more about becoming a Botnia spa partner?

If you have any questions or would like to connect further, we are here to help! We know what a massive decision this is and we’re here to support you. Feel free to email us with any questions at Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to stay connected to us!

If you’re ready to bring on Botnia join our community, click here to apply!

I’m so excited you’re thinking about bringing Botnia to your practice. We’re all cheering for you here on your esthetician journey!

Botnia Community Specialist and Master Esthetician

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