How Holistic Estheticians Use Botnia Skincare

Psst . . . here’s a little secret! Our Botnia spa partners have the inside scoop on Botnia product hacks from working with our full lineup day in and day out in the treatment room. Like our not-so-secret non-Botnia product, goat milk yogurt, which we LOVE using with our powdered masks! Let’s unveil some of the fun hacks we’ve discovered while using Botnia!

Hacks for Cleansing//

Our facials start with Daily Face Wash mixed with Soothing Repair Mask or Essential Enzymes to build a super foam. The Soothing Repair Mask can be mixed with any of our two Botnia face washes for a fun lather that’s rich in hyaluronic acid to hydrate and nourish your skin.

Have extra goat milk yogurt around? Mix it in with your foaming or gel face wash; it’s great for dysfunction of the skin. Its naturally occurring lactic acid aids in breaking down dead skin cells, while gently cleansing.

Lizette, esthetician and makeup artist in Ventura, CA, LOVES mixing our Renewing Face Wash with a couple pumps of Balancing Oil Cleanser to remove heavy makeup for her and her clients! We recommend getting the mixture really warm by rubbing it in between your hands before applying it.

Lauren, from Soul Skin Studio also shared her hack for creating your own makeup remover mixing together the Balancing Oil Cleanser and a hydrosol, or toner in an empty container and adding in cotton rounds for the perfect travel companion. Check out her reel here.

Hacks for Treatment//

Skin feeling hot or inflamed? Stick the Soothing Repair Mask in the fridge for a cooling sensation during masking. You can also leave the mask on over your entire face, lids, or lips overnight for a nourishing treatment. Refrigeration also helps keep the product fresh as well! 

For men, our Juniper Hydrosol is a wonderful toner for preventing razor bumps when shaving, with the key ingredient juniperic acid that’s antifungal and antibacterial. 

Using our Wisdom Oil to treat and prevent further sun damage? Use it in the morning instead of night and mix it in with your face cream for an extra boost of antioxidants.

Lacking glow? Catherine from The Facial Underground in New Orleans, LA, brightens up her skin by using our Flower Powder Mask at night and wakes up to bright, even skin! 

Are you dealing with specific skin conditions like psoriasis or folliculitis? Our Daily Face Cream can be customized with one of our professional-only back bar boosters from a Botnia Spa Partner. The same goes for our Body Cream

Hacks for Body Care//

Use the same hydrating super foam (foaming face wash plus Soothing Repair Mask) as a rich shaving cream as well! To add a layer of exfoliation, we recommend using our Luminous Body Scrub, pre-shave, all over your legs for an extra smooth finish.

Dry flaky skin all over your body? Apply the Luminous Body Scrub on dry skin standing on top of a towel or rug, before hopping into the shower. This scrub is more like a balm and the cocoa and kokum butters in this formulation will leave your skin feeling smoother than silk! (The towel keeps your bathroom from feeling like the beach!)

Want a little extra aromatherapy with your Body Cream? Add a drop or two of your favorite essential oil and mix well. (Double-check to make sure of any skin allergies to EOs before using!)

If you have other hacks you’ve discovered, please share them in the comments below!


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