How Botnia Uses Pomegranate Enzymes for Organic Exfoliation

Fall is here and one of our favorite fruits that has been cultivated throughout the Mediterranean since ancient times is ready for harvest: the Pomegranate! Pomegranates may be one of the oldest medicines known to humans, their use going back perhaps as far as 8000 years. Now used primarily in food products, pomegranates have been used as a source of tannins as well as a means to produce inks and dyes. Traditionally extracts from the plant have been used for astringent applications. And at Botnia, we incorporate pomegranates into skincare!

Superfood for your skin//

You probably already know the incredible benefits that pomegranate seeds (which are called arils) have for your body including being high in antioxidants, fiber, vitamins, and minerals, anti-inflammatory, and also great for heart health. Did you know that pomegranates have incredible benefits for the skin too?

We use pomegranates in two ways in our skincare: powdered and as a liquid enzyme. If you’ve tried our Weekly Digest Mask, you’ve experienced the incredible exfoliating properties in this mask to help brighten skin and treat uneven skin tone and texture. 

In our newest product, Essential Enzymes, an organic exfoliator that functions as both a mask and cleanser, we use pomegranate liquid enzymes to help proliferate dead skin cells because of its small molecular structure that can penetrate into the skin. It also helps to break down the cell walls of plant matter and makes our powdered masks more bioavailable (ready to be absorbed) for the skin. Purified pomegranate enzymes help to protect the epidermis and dermis by encouraging skin cell regeneration and aiding in the repair of tissues, healing wounds, and encouraging circulation to the skin that heals.

Mechanical (physical) vs. chemical exfoliation//

Have you always wondered what the difference between mechanical/physical and chemical exfoliation is, and what your skin actually needs? So many of us don’t actually need the mechanical form, which involves using a hard substance to manually remove dead skin cells. These are much more abrasive than the chemical type of exfoliants. And when we say chemical exfoliation, we mean methods that utilize acids or enzymes.

Mechanical exfoliation is usually found in a scrub form (or a cleanser with microbeads!) and can be a bit irritating after multiple uses. There’s no way to gauge how much you’re exfoliating the skin with this method! It can easily create an imbalance in your moisture barrier, causing more breakouts and sensitivity.

Chemical exfoliation (our personal fave) is MUCH gentler (depending on the acid that you’re using), and can be so much more effective in terms of actually removing dead skin cells! Fruit enzymes are a safe and gentle means of exfoliation—we much prefer pomegranate enzymes to harsh physical scrubs, for example. While we think less is more when it comes to exfoliation, it’s also an important step in a weekly skincare routine, serving to remove the outer layer of dead skin cells that traps both bacteria and sebum.

How to use pomegranate enzymes in your routine//

Our new multipurpose product Essential Enzymes can be used in several ways.

CLEANSER: Apply morning and/or evening, massaging into the skin for 60 seconds. Rinse clean.

WEEKLY MASK: As an exfoliating treatment, use alone as a weekly mask: start with freshly cleansed skin. Apply the mask to the entire face and décolleté. Let sit for 15 minutes, then rinse clean. Follow with your daily skincare routine.

AS A MASK BASE: Combine with a powder mask, like our Weekly Digest Mask, or others, for a weekly exfoliating treatment.

Start with freshly cleansed skin. Mix Essential Enzymes with equal parts powder mask. Apply diluted mask solution to the entire face and décolleté. Let sit for several minutes, then rinse clean. Follow with your daily skincare routine.

For acne, barrier-compromised, or sensitive skin types, use once daily as a cleanser and once weekly as an exfoliation mask simply by leaving it on the skin for an additional 5 minutes.

For dry skin, wise skin, or those with hyperpigmentation, it can be used twice daily as a facial cleanser. 

For oily or extremely sensitive skin types, it can be used once weekly as an addition to a powder mask or as a standalone mask. Leave on the skin for up to 15 minutes and rinse clean, following with hydrosol and moisturizer, and serum. Oily or combination skin types that are acne-prone can benefit from pomegranate to soothe any outbreaks and minimize burns or scarring that can occur during breakouts. 

Pomegranates are a wonderful way to aid in both your body and skin healing. Using a gentle organic exfoliator like our Essential Enzymes daily can be helpful for almost all skin types. Or treat yourself to a weekly spa day by using both the Essential Enzymes with our Weekly Digest Mask for a powerful (yet gentle) duo that’ll brighten dull complexions all year round.


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