How much do you know about relative humidity? Basically it’s a measure of the water content with respect to how much water the air around you can bear at a certain temperature. Just like hot water can dissolve more sugar than ice water, hot air can carry more water than cold air. This means that the cold air that winter brings just

If I were a betting man, I would bet that you had no idea that we have a Chief Engineer here at Botnia. But we do! Over the years of formulating and refining our products, we learned pretty quickly that we would never be totally content with sourcing all of our raw ingredients from others. If we wanted to deliver our botanical-derived

It’s Soaping Day! Okay, it turns out that there isn’t actually a National Soap Day. Although, a quick search did just teach me that there is a Global Handwashing Day in October to raise awareness around the world about the importance of clean hands in reducing the spread of bacteria.

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