I remember the moment it came to me--I was giving a facial and I thought, I wish I could just have simple pieced-out ingredients that I know won't inflame this client’s skin. This little wish led me to so many discoveries and realizations. And, ultimately, to the birth of Botnia.   The first finding from my ingredient research and experimentation: that simple skincare--meaning few

When the first sign of trouble hit my skin at age fourteen, large cysts seemed to appear overnight all over my face. I used everything anyone told me to try: from Noxzema pads to toothpaste to Dial soap. I took antibiotics, used benzoyl peroxide, and tried chemical peels. Nothing worked--in fact, my problem skin only escalated as my confidence plummeted. Throughout my

I started Botnia because I wanted to help people. I know it sounds clichéd, but it’s truly what drives me. More specifically, I wanted to help people with their skin. As an esthetician with fifteen years of experience in the treatment room, I’d seen so many clients using the wrong products for their skin, and I’d also found myself using the wrong

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