The overall vision of Botnia is to create a skincare solution for all skin types, but I didn't set out to build a company; I simply wanted to answer one question: how can I offer my clients a solution to their skin issues that is also healthy? This basic beginning led me down some winding paths and finally to today, where we offer

The words clean beauty are thrown around a lot, and like most marketing terms, they mean something different to each company using them. To me, clean beauty means that your skincare is free of harmful ingredients, that your skincare is naturally derived, and that your skincare is rooted in building the health of the skin as a foundation to the whole picture

I remember the moment it came to me--I was giving a facial and I thought, I wish I could just have simple pieced-out ingredients that I know won't inflame this client’s skin. This little wish led me to so many discoveries and realizations. And, ultimately, to the birth of Botnia.   The first finding from my ingredient research and experimentation: that simple skincare--meaning few

When the first sign of trouble hit my skin at age fourteen, large cysts seemed to appear overnight all over my face. I used everything anyone told me to try: from Noxzema pads to toothpaste to Dial soap. I took antibiotics, used benzoyl peroxide, and tried chemical peels. Nothing worked--in fact, my problem skin only escalated as my confidence plummeted. Throughout my

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