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The overall vision of Botnia is to create a skincare solution for all skin types, but I didn’t set out to build a company; I simply wanted to answer one question: how can I offer my clients a solution to their skin issues that is also healthy?

This basic beginning led me down some winding paths and finally to today, where we offer a 20-product professional back bar alongside a line of 22 retail products.


Even though this seems like a huge accomplishment, we still haven’t solved all the skin issues I encounter in the treatment room. There is always more to be done and grow into. Being humble I know that we still have work to do. Botnia’s process is one of slow beauty, and any product I add to our skincare line will always undergo my own rigorous testing. I take my time to build each product from the ground up, ensuring that the quality and effectiveness are exactly where they need to be. (New products on my short list right now: an oil cleanser and an at-home exfoliator.)


This deliberateness is core to the company I am building and the reason estheticians and clients alike trust me to find solutions to treat all skin types. When I envision the future, I see Botnia as the trusted source for professional back bars because estheticians know it works and that they can create the results they are seeking, and that we formulate skincare without compromise–in the quality of the ingredients we grow, source, and use to craft our skincare. I am building a company for the long haul, not an indie brand to get swallowed up by some huge conglomerate and believe me, we have been approached. I am building a solution you can trust and works.


Botnia’s future includes offering more diversity in exfoliation, in cleansing, and in topical oils. I envision hosting a summit for our professionals to share modalities and offer each other support, where we can swap insights from the treatment room so we can all be better caretakers of your skin. The clean beauty company I am building will have community at its core and healthy skin as the result. I’m not afraid to say that we are young in this game: I have been an esthetician since the early 2000s and I’ve been formulating only since 2010, we are creating something really big that’s already making waves in the green beauty movement. We have had unbelievable outreach from consumers and esthetician alike, so I know we’re onto something. 


At this moment, we have to be selective about the accounts we work with because we are a small team. We offer our partners something unique, and scaling a little company with values like ours is no small feat. As you can tell from our other blog posts, I’m not afraid of a challenge–I believe that Botnia will be the next Aveda, the skincare source you look to for quality and health. Botnia is different from everyone else not simply to be different, but because we’ve created something unique that works. We have the first ever apothecary-style back bar, and I am an esthetician and not only a formulator or herbalist. I still work with our skincare line in the treatment room at my spa so I can ensure our products always meet the standard of care that your skin deserves. The future is bright; thank you for joining us in our skincare revolution! I promise I will work as hard as I can to earn your trust and keep your health as the starting point for all future plans.  -Justine 

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