An update on our Daily Face Cream

Hi there, wonderful community,


We discovered that our 2-ounce Daily Face Creams have been spoiling over the last three months and we want to fill you in on what we’ve learned, the steps we’re taking to fix the problem and to continue to provide you with only the highest quality products, and how to get affected products replaced as soon as possible. 


Discovering the issue and early intervention

We discovered the problem with the 2-ounce Daily Face Cream jars in January 2020 and immediately sent a recall notice to all of our wholesale and retail customers, replaced some products, and marked our cream “out of stock” on our website. 


We have found no issues with the 1-ounce travel size of the Daily Face Cream in airless pumps. 


Here are the steps we’re taking: 


  1. A cosmetic chemistry lab is currently testing our face cream to target the source of the problem. This testing can take up to six weeks.
  2. We changed our batch numbering system to stickers with the batch number on the bottom of our products instead of written on the labels themselves.
  3. We are replacing your spoiled products.
  4. We maintain the highest quality standards, including all of our quality control measures, with all of the products we are providing you.
  5. We’ve put new systems in place to deal with future recalls.


The timeline and details of the issue

Our Daily Face Cream is one of our bestselling products, and for good reason! While at first we thought the spoilage was isolated to one batch, after a few weeks, we figured out that the problem had affected more batches, likely affecting our Daily Face Creams from late November 2019 through early January 2020


Getting your products replaced

Please check your Daily Face Cream to find out if it smells off. Even if you’re unsure, simply email Jackie, and she’ll send you a 1-ounce travel size of the Daily Face Cream in an airless pump or she can put you on the waitlist for when the 2-ounce jars are back in stock, whichever you prefer.


You can also find the 1-ounce travel size of the Daily Face Cream in an airless pump on our website here.


Our quick guide to organic skincare

Botnia is handmade organic skincare, and it functions differently than mass-produced products that have a very long shelf life. 




What does organic mean?

Organic skincare is alive: filled with microbes and bacteria that are beneficial for your microbiome. One of our preservatives uses good bacteria to create a ferment, like kombucha. And ultimately, all organic skincare should go bad . . . that means it’s a great product! 


Fresh is best. We offer more nutrient-dense skincare, without strong preservatives. This also means that our products don’t have an indefinite shelf life like conventional skincare. It is actually a sign of a healthy and natural product if skincare starts to spoil over time. 


Conventional wisdom says that longevity = quality. This isn’t always true. With our bodies, we want the opposite: We want anything that goes in or on our body to be fresh and thus have a short shelf life. You can think of the ingredients in our skincare like the freshest organic produce—it has more vibrant colors, it’s more flavor-filled and complex . . . and eventually it spoils. 


This natural potency is what makes Botnia’s plant-based skincare so effective. 


Has my product gone bad?

Use your senses if you think a product might be turning bad: does the oil smell off? Is there a change in color or smell or a film on top of the jar? First check then smell—does it seem sour or rancid? Then look at the color and texture—is it changing or separating? These may be clues that a product has spoiled. 


Will it hurt me?

No, we don’t believe spoiled face creams can cause harm. Like the fresh produce analogy, just as you wouldn’t choose to eat a strawberry with mold growing on it, don’t use any face cream if you suspect it may have gone off. It can cause skin irritation, so discontinue use immediately if you believe a product has spoiled. And please let us know.


How long should it last?

Our face cream, along with our other cream-based products, should last about six months with proper care and storage. 


Rule of thumb: Different products have different lifespans. Anything with soap (like our face washes or hand soap) will last the longest, as will our oils. These products should last about a year with proper care and storage. Cream products have a large water content, so it’s best to use them within six months. 


What do I do with a bad product?

Simply dispose of the product in the trash or down the drain, then rinse and recycle the packaging. And please let us know if you think this has happened in a shorter amount of time than expected, given these guidelines.


How do I take care of my organic skincare? What’s the best way to store my organic skincare?


  • Keep it in a dark place, away from direct sunlight.


  • Keep it cool. If you don’t need to access your products frequently, store them in the refrigerator.


  • Keep it dry. Store your skincare out of the shower as much as possible.


  • Keep it closed. Products begin to degrade once exposed to oxygen. Write the date you open it on the package so you always know how fresh it is.


Here’s our blog post on caring for organic skincare in case it’s helpful!


We’re deeply grateful for this experience, challenging as it has been. We’ve never had an issue with product spoilage before, and have already learned so much in the process of quickly working to correct the issue. 


Being open and honest about who we are and how we work has always been at the heart of Botnia, and we will continue to uphold transparency as one of our core values. 


If you have comments or concerns, please be in touch! Email Jackie and she’ll get back to you ASAP. 


Thank you for your continued trust in us. Providing you with only the best products and keeping you informed are our top priorities! 


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