Ease into Fall With Botnia Skincare

You might know that Elf season is our favorite season! But before we get there, we want to prepare ourselves for this next transition into fall and really make some effort to enjoy the change of season before we dizzy ourselves with the rush of the holidays. Your skincare routine needs a few swaps as you start to see the leaves fall off the trees.

Mindful Moment//

Before we get into all things skincare, we wanted to share a wonderful meditation practice from one of the speakers of our annual Esthetician Workshop, Ashley Neese, a renowned breathwork teacher, and author. We invite you to take just ten minutes to connect with yourself and your body and make space for greater things to come.

Breathe In Fear, Breathe Out Abundance

Pause. Place a hand over your heart. Exhale slowly.
May we find a moment to inhale and exhale slowly.
May we set aside time to feel our feet on the earth.
May we develop our capacity to be with what is.
May we overcome difficulties, no matter how long it takes.
May we remember the gifts that we carry with us, that we carry on. 1
– Ashley Neese

Now that we’re relaxed, let’s hop into sharing our autumn swaps! 

Swap in, swap out//

For fall skincare, you really want to bring back the moisture that you took out in the summer. When the temperatures drop, your skin craves more of an occlusive layer to stay plump and moisturized as the air becomes less humid. Botnia’s Daily Face Cream is a wonderful addition to your fall routine and gives you an extra layer of protection from the environment. It can even be customized by your local Botnia esthetician with healing boosters if you’re also treating and dealing with any other skin conditions.

For a cleanser, swap out foaming face washes and reintroduce the Gentle Cleanser or Balancing Oil Cleanser for a gentler cleanse that will keep your barrier function intact.

You’ll want to switch to using our Rose Water Toner instead of the regular Toner, as you’ll potentially have less congestion and want to be gentler on the skin when the seasons change.

If you haven’t been masking this summer, you can add in the Weekly Digest Mask mixed with our Essential Enzymes to exfoliate your skin, brighten it, and turn over any dead skin cells that linger when it gets dry outside. 

Don’t forget to keep using an SPF if you’re heading outside! This important step isn’t just for the summer months. 

Check in with your holistic esthetician (or find one near you!) with each new change of the season. They’ll be your ultimate skincare guides and will help you find the right product swaps unique to your skin for the fall. 

Remember, be gentle on your skin during these seasonal transitions. It’s working hard (just like you!) to adjust to the new weather and protect you from changes in temperature, humidity, and environmental exposure. Don’t forget to also be kind to yourself this season.

If you need specific recommendations for your fall routine, send us an email; we’d love to hear about your skin journey. Our master estheticians also provide complimentary one-on-one skin consultations if you’re new to Botnia or updating your routine. We’re always here to help! Happy Autumn, friends!


1. Ashley Neese, Author of How To Breathe: The Book, Finding Ground in Uncertain Times

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