Does your skin need Gentle Hydration?!

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How much do you know about relative humidity? Basically it’s a measure of the water content with respect to how much water the air around you can bear at a certain temperature. Just like hot water can dissolve more sugar than ice water, hot air can carry more water than cold air. This means that the cold air that winter brings just can’t “dissolve” that much water. When we take that cold winter air and warm it up in our homes or offices or apartments, it still has the same amount of water in it, but the relative humidity of the air where we spend so much of our time plummets. I bet you can guess where I’m going with this… Relatively dry air is going to lead to dried out skin.

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Even if you’re keeping up with with your skincare ritual, the winter months can leave us all feeling a little less hydrated than we would like. I do my very best to maximize the hydrating abilities of your Botnia skincare, but sometimes I know we could all use a little boost. Well, don’t fret; we’ve got you covered. Let me talk to you about our aptly-named Gentle Hydration Mask. Everything about this product is carefully designed to hydrate, sooth and heal.

Most of you probably know how much we love our non-GMO, soy-derived hyaluronic acid. It truly is an amazing molecule and one that not only helps to hydrate and maintain healthy cells but is also one that occurs naturally in many of your body’s tissues. Of all the molecules known to science it is the very best at binding water molecules, and it even delivers all of that water deep into your skin.

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Needless to say, our hydrating mask is rich in hyaluronic acid. We’ve also added vitamin B3, arnica, goldenseal and our handmade rose extract to further nourish and reduce redness. We even added a water-binding sugar molecule, which also occurs naturally in your skin to maximize the hydrating effects of this mask. Mix all that together with a little thickener and you have yourself a face mask that can heal even the most wind-blasted, winter skin.

And because we believe that caring for yourself should be fun and satisfying, we’ve thrown in a blend of rose essential oils so that your senses will be just as delighted as your skin.


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