Does skin cycling with Botnia work?

We’re always a little skeptical when it comes to skincare trends. And while there are some trends that can be extremely beneficial like slugging (especially in the winter when you’re using organic products), other ones can definitely be disappointing….

When we heard about #skincycling, we knew we had to weigh in.

What is skin cycling?//

Much like working out different body parts throughout the week if you’re into lifting weights, skin cycling is similar. It’s a method of rotating active ingredients in skincare products so that you don’t overload your skin with too many actives which can result in potential inflammation and irritation. What we actually love about this trend is the idea of less is more.

At Botnia, we don’t use many actives in our skincare because we don’t believe in using harsh chemicals that can change your DNA to achieve the results we’re looking for. When we add harsh actives to our routine, we’re rushing the process of our skin’s ability to do its job. In the long run, we’ve noticed that these quick changes can result in damage to your skin as you age, especially if you don’t take extra steps to care for your skin. (Like when you use retinol without using sun protection!)

Consistency is key//

What can be confusing with skin cycling is remembering which day you’re on during the cycle. We’ve found the easiest thing to do is to keep your skincare routine consistent. You wouldn’t exercise for one day and expect results within a month, though we wish it could work that way!

Our skin is smart in the sense that it already knows how to function properly to heal itself. Our skin will fully turn over and proliferate dead skin cells every 21 to 28 days and as you get older, this process can take 40 to 56 days on average. If you stick to the same routine for three to four weeks, you’ll start to see less inflammation and irritation, less redness, and a balancing of the skin as you heal your biome. By following the natural cycle of our skin, we are more likely to see better results over a long-term period with healthier skin!

How to skin cycle with Botnia products//

When we think about skin cycling, we think about what you’re physically noticing on the surface of your skin and which allies or products are available to help you achieve your skin goals. 

Skin cycling is best done when you notice a change in your skin, whether due to hormonal changes or weather and seasonal change. You can incorporate different powdered masks or swap in/out products depending on the time of year or your location. For example, in the summertime, with more humidity in the air and more time spent outdoors, you might reach for a lightweight, more nutritive, and soothing regime. Versus during the wintertime, when you’re inside more and it’s dry out, you can skin cycle with antioxidants to repair sun damage and use comforting ingredients like hyaluronic acid to bring moisture to the skin. 

You can even skin cycle throughout the month if you’re someone who gets periods. Tracking where you are during your cycle based on the hormones that are interacting with your body throughout the month is a great way to skin cycle with products. Using the Fix-Zit Mask if you’re prone to breaking out just before or during your cycle, pulling back on richer oils if you’re more oily during menstruation. When you’re ovulating and if you become dry prone, incorporating more hydrating serums might help with skin cycling.

If you look at nature and life and everything we do, it’s all in cycles, and you can look at your skin through the same lens. 

Think about it this way: if you have a routine with a balanced diet and consistent daily exercise you’re more likely to have a healthy body than if you used pills or a speed diet to help you achieve your goal weight. When you have skincare that’s nutritive with botanicals that nourish the skin and include antioxidants, gentle acids, healthy fats, and lipids, you won’t need active ingredients to boost your skin. Remember, consistency is key!


P.S. If you need recommendations on building your unique skincare routine, reach out to us through email or DM us, and one of our Master Estheticians can help!

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