Learn more about our Microfarm and all the plants we grow to create all of our products

Regenerative Skincare

Organic skincare, green skincare, clean skincare . . . there are so many terms for skincare with good intentions… but have you heard of regenerative skincare? We’re not just talking about how our products help to regenerate your skin cells—we’re also taking important steps to source ingredients that help to regenerate the planet, too! Re·gen·er·a·tive …

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Why Botnia Grows Your Skincare

We have to admit, we’re control freaks. We like to have our hands on every step of making your skincare. From choosing the seeds we’re planting on the micro-farm to making our products by hand in small batches, hand bottling and hand labeling each and every bottle, and packaging your order with care by our …

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Incorporating Biodynamic Practices at the Botnia Micro-farm

Have you ever researched where the ingredients in your skincare come from? When we started to formulate our skincare, we were blown away by the greenwashing from larger suppliers of cosmetic ingredients. We simply trusted what companies were selling us. Then, we received a clear liquid of goldenseal root (which should be neon yellow) and …

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Health: It’s in Our Hands

Botnia hand sanitizer, it’s here for you! While we wish our newest creation entered the world under different circumstances, we also recognize the huge need right now for hand sanitizers that are both good for our world and good for your skin . . . and in stock! We researched and tested various formulas before …

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Future Plans

    The overall vision of Botnia is to create a skincare solution for all skin types, but I didn’t set out to build a company; I simply wanted to answer one question: how can I offer my clients a solution to their skin issues that is also healthy? This basic beginning led me down …

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Botnia was my answer

I started Botnia because I wanted to help people. I know it sounds clichéd, but it’s truly what drives me. More specifically, I wanted to help people with their skin. As an esthetician with fifteen years of experience in the treatment room, I’d seen so many clients using the wrong products for their skin, and …

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Goodlife Launch party

Join us Face to Face for the launch of Shop Good on October 28th I’ll be bringing my experience & skincare secrets out of the treatment room and into a live founders circle Q&A Launch party 4-8pm Live Q&A from 5:30-6ish

Botnia x Shop Good = Natural Skincare Heaven

Botnia’s heading south! (To San Diego, that is.) We’re bringing the freshest custom organic skincare treatments to Shop Good, a clean beauty and wellness boutique opening this October in the North Park neighborhood of San Diego. We’re truly aligned with Shop Good, its founder, Leah, and its mission to bring holistic wellness and clean beauty …

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It’s Aliiiiive!!! Caring for Your Organic Skincare

Plant-powered organic skincare naturally has a shorter shelf life than conventional skincare because it contains fewer preservatives. At Botnia, we think it’s actually healthy and natural if skincare starts to turn a little off—that means it’s alive, just like fresh food! You can tell our ingredients are active this way. Conventional wisdom is that longevity …

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