Botnia Skincare Top 5 Bestsellers

Votes are in and medals have been awarded; we’re sharing Botnia’s top 5 bestsellers from the past year! These are tried and true favorites that work for almost all skin types. If you’re new to Botnia or organic skincare, these products are the perfect gateway to creating a cleaner skincare routine.

Meet 2022’s Top 5

#5 Balancing Oil Cleanser

Oil cleansing is becoming increasingly popular as we’re learning the huge benefits of cleansing our skin with oils. With the ability to remove makeup and sunscreen with ease, oil cleansing helps to keep the microbiome of your skin intact while deeply washing out the dirt and impurities from your pores. Learn more about how to oil cleanse here

“It makes my skin look like glass without feeling dry or tight.”

#4 Rose Water Toner

The perfect toner for even the most sensitive skin types. Calms the skin while gently treating both inflammation and bacteria. Includes a beautiful combination of rose hydrosol, rose extract, and rose distillate and is free of essential oils. Learn why a toner helps to bring the pH level of your skin back to balance after you cleanse. 

“I LOVE this toner. The smell is incredible. Every time I share it with a friend or family member they ask me what it is and want the same thing. I use it day and night for my toner and sometimes midday when I’m in need of a little extra love. It’s definitely a fave.” 
-Natalie W.

#3 Daily Face Cream

Our little black dress of face creams: the perfect everyday moisturizer. Daily Face Cream was the first product formulated at Botnia. Helps to soothe, hydrate, and heal your skin. Decide which face cream is right for you: West Coast and warmer winter climates; East Coast and Cold Winter Climates

“My skin has never felt so smooth and hydrated. I love how this cream goes on – it is not greasy or heavy.”
-Marie P.

#2 Hydrating Serum

For the first time in 5 years, our hydrating serum has been dethroned to #2, but that doesn’t stop it from being the most nourishing hydration for the skin! When paired with a toner or hydrosol, hyaluronic acid helps bring moisture into the skin like a sponge, keeping your skin feeling plump, soft, and fresh. Learn the science behind how hyaluronic acid brings moisture to the skin.

“My favorite hyaluronic acid! This jelly-like consistency makes it really easy to apply after cleansing or toning. Immediately adds hydration to my skin!”

#1 Gentle Cleanser

Our HG cleanser came out on top this year! Biome-friendly Gentle Cleanser works on all skin types but is specifically formulated for sensitive and dry skin. It features our homegrown chamomile, goldenseal, and arnica extracts to help fight bacteria and inflammation. To add in hydration, we formulate it with a base of hyaluronic acid to nourish and soothe the skin as you cleanse. Another star ingredient, lactic acid, is a naturally gentle exfoliant that loosens the bonds between dead skin cells and can help dissolve the plugs in your pores, giving you a smoother texture in your skin.   

“This has become a go-to cleanser for me. I personally have SO many cleansers at home and never stick to one, but from the first time I used this one I haven’t been able to stop! It’s so gentle and calming for my acne-prone skin. It has brought down so much of my inflammation and over time has been keeping my skin so balanced and much calmer than ever before. I highly recommend!”

Don’t forget, organic skincare products differ from conventional products and are usually made without strong (or any!) preservatives. Keep your organic skincare fresh by:
-Keeping it dry – Store your skincare out of the shower as much as possible. (Remember, water increases the chance of bacterial growth!)
-Keeping it dark – Store your products away from direct sunlight. Heat can also break down the molecules in your skincare causing it to change in texture.
-Keeping it cool – If you don’t need to access them frequently, store your products in the refrigerator. (We don’t recommend keeping our oils or creams in the fridge. Just keep them cool and away from humidity. Serums, masks, and face washes are good to refrigerate!)
-Keeping it closed – Products start to degrade once exposed to oxygen. 

If you have questions, reach out to us at or DM us on Instagram @botniaskincare. Let our Master Estheticians help guide you to find the right products for your unique skin. 

P.S. Interested in the beautiful humans behind our skincare? Learn our story and meet the team!

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