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You have to do the work to get the results, as with anything in life. Whether it’s working out or changing your diet, the day-in, day-out repetitive actions you take get you the results you desire. And the reason’s simple: our bodies take time to respond. Did you know that it takes on average 21 days from the time a skin cell is created to the time it’s on the surface of your skin? This is why results take time: they take consistent use of a product alongside your body’s natural functions to work through any systemic issues. The beauty industry is full of false promises and quick fixes, but we’re here to be straight up with you.

No quick fixes in slow skincare//

Botnia makes skincare for the skin. Sounds obvious, but so many skincare companies make skincare for symptoms and skin types. Who’s Botnia for? Anyone who has skin. We have a deep philosophy that your body and your skin should be nourished and fed whole healthy ingredients to aid you in radiant skin. Our goal is not to attack your skin, but to heal it: repairing tissue with skin-building plants, reducing inflammation by soothing it with anti-inflammatory plants, and using science and nature as our vehicles.

Simply put, we make skincare for ALL skin and our products work in synergy with the body, slowly moving the skin toward balance. Let’s focus on slow skincare: When we’re talking about advanced sciences, micronized chemicals, and genetically altered ingredients, like TEA-salicylate or hydroquinone or some of these other ingredients, you are going to get a much more dramatic result because you are changing cells and DNA. You are going in and circulating through the blood system.

But what we are doing with botanicals is building up the health of the skin. I love the term slow beauty. I believe you get the same results with our products as chemical products, it just takes longer the way we’re doing it. But we are doing it with the health of your body and skin in mind.

A nutritional diet for skin//

Our retail line features gentler forms of the same ingredients that are in our professional back bar line because we’ve identified these ingredients as full-spectrum nutrition for your skin. Botnia is nutritional skincare. Packed full of the same ingredients just like a balanced diet should be.

You need proteins and saccharides to keep your skin’s elasticity firm and smooth. Fats are necessary to keep your skin supple and moisturized. Phytonutrients like antioxidants slow down the aging process and help prevent changes in your DNA, potentially preventing the development of skin cancer and other cancers. Vitamins and minerals are essential to keep your body running smoothly. They help heal wounds, boost your immune system, and repair cell damage. Because we use plant-based ingredients in our skincare, your skin is also getting the balanced diet it needs to stay healthy and glow.

Let’s break our line down: We have fats, enzymes, acids, and plant oils to condition and heal. Hydration like hyaluronic acid and hydrosols. There are daily veggies like kale, rosehips, and chamomile and exfoliation through pomegranate enzymes. Vital minerals and antioxidants through sulfur and plants. Acids through roses and AHAs that aid our barrier functions. Thinking about our skin’s nutrition just like we think about our body’s nutrition is important because our skin IS our body. Now doesn’t that make perfect sense?!

Organic produce, organic skincare//

Organic skincare is alive: filled with microbes and bacteria that are beneficial for your microbiome. One of our preservatives uses good bacteria to create a ferment, like kombucha. And ultimately, all organic skincare should go bad . . . that means it’s good!

We think fresh is best: we’re offering more nutrient-dense skincare, without strong preservatives. The flip side of this is that our products don’t have an indefinite shelf life like conventional skincare. We believe it’s actually healthy and natural if skincare starts to turn a little off over time—that means it’s alive, just like fresh food! You can tell our ingredients are active this way. Conventional wisdom is that longevity equals quality. But with our bodies, we actually want the opposite; anything that goes in or on our body must be fresh and therefore have a short shelf life.

Think of the ingredients in our skincare like the freshest organic produce—the colors are more vibrant, the fruits and vegetables more flavor-filled and nuanced—and also prone to spoilage, by design. That natural potency is what makes Botnia’s plant-based skincare so effective.

Our body is simple and slow. It works in cycles and rhythms, not in instant results. So if you’re new to your skincare routine, stick with it. Give yourself the challenge of 21 days to see if your routine is working for you. If you try it, tag us on Instagram @botniaskincare #21daychallenge. Don’t switch up products quickly; move slowly to incorporate new additions so you know what’s working and what’s not. And listen to your estheticians, they know your skin and can guide you into the results you desire!


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