Botnia loves your skin

It’s a simple statement, but it cuts to the core of how we formulate our products for you. Every ingredient that we use is carefully chosen to magnify the natural beauty of your skin. By harnessing the incredible, nourishing power of plants, we are passionately and personally dedicated to nurturing the long-term health of your body’s largest organ.

We believe that effective, beautiful skin care should be accessible for everyone. Over the years of working with our clients, we have seen firsthand how organic, natural botanicals and extracts can dramatically improve your skin health. To these ends, we source all of our botanicals as locally as possible so we can be vigilant in maintaining the quality of our ingredients and the integrity of our products. By building relationships with farmers and suppliers and by producing as many of our base ingredients as possible in our lab, we strive to take away any mystery surrounding your skin care. Each and every one of our products is hand-crafted in our lab in Sausalito, CA, so that you can trust that your skincare ritual is designed for you from start to finish.

Choosing your personalized skin care should be simple and exciting. We love what we do and the products that we craft. Our formulations may be few in ingredients, but those ingredients are just as complex and potent as the plants we get them from. Whether you are wanting to build your own skincare ritual or connect with one of spas, we firmly believe that we can help you identify your own, unique needs and the products that will make you feel great every day and support the long-term health of your skin.

We strive to make sure that you always feel supported in your skincare decisions. We believe deeply in our ingredients from sourcing to formulating to crafting, and we love finding new and fun ways to share our knowledge and expertise with you. Whether it’s a new formulation or a new way of treating your skin or some new research into one of our ingredients, we are committed to being open sources of information for you. Our philosophy is that every ingredient should have a specific and powerful purpose

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