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Is your skin lacking a little glow this time of year? Maybe you’ve got the winter blues … or maybe you just need the right moisturizer! Botnia estheticians are obsessed with skin and making sure that it’s functioning correctly all seasons of the year. We sat down with Botnia’s founder Justine and our master estheticians, Dani of Trinity Roots Wellness and Amanda of Coastal Glow Skincare, and looked at the findings they’re seeing on clients in the treatment room. 

(re)Introducing Dani and Amanda//

Our master estheticians trained one-on-one with Justine at Skin Remedy in San Francisco. After shutting the doors to Skin Remedy in 2020, both of our estheticians opened up their own businesses during the pandemic. Justine and Dani work from the new Botnia Atelier in Sausalito, while Amanda created her own private practice in Half Moon Bay, CA on the Pacific coast. We feel so lucky to continue to heal our clients’ skin during this delicate time.

From an Esthetician’s View//

When heaters are on inside and people are spending more time indoors and less time outside, we notice a lot more dehydration in clients’ skin in treatment. We’ve been providing services based on hydration using water-based products to re-hydrate the skin. 

Congestion and maskne are two of the most common skin conditions Amanda sees on the treatment bed. With new clients, she’s noticing a trend toward natural skincare, however, there are some gaps in understanding the effects of natural products and how they work. Her clients’ skincare regimens usually involve a vitamin c serum, hyaluronic acid serum, and sometimes a retinoid, but without understanding of how they work in synergy with each other. 

With Dani’s clients, she’s noticing a few other common conditions that happen this time of year including a stripped and dehydrated skin barrier and dry, reactive skin. 


We’ve been noticing that layering water-based products with an oil-based product have been significantly beneficial for our clients. We like using our Hydrating Serum paired with the Replenishing Facial Oil, Clarity Oil, or Wisdom Oil (depending on specific skin conditions you’re targeting) over the serum. Over the course of six weeks, we’ve seen a massive improvement with hydration. Our clients are feeling much better and less dry and irritated from the season.

Because of the times we’re in, we’re using Clarity Oil to specifically treat maskne. (See our post on treating maskne!) Our favorite professional back bar products to treat maskne are the Sulfur Compound, Colloidal Oats, Goldenseal Cure, and Ultra Calm Booster.

Bestsellers for At-Home Care//

We’re loving the Balancing Oil Cleanser to help repair the barrier function of the skin and recommend for some of our clients to cleanse only once per day at night. 

To tone, we recommend our seasonal Juniper Hydrosol which helps with cellular turnover in these frigid months. Our Rose Water Toner (#4 bestseller overall) is great this time of year for a gentle toner to follow up cleansing.

Next, use Hydrating Serum and give yourself an extra spritz of toner or hydrosol to bring deep hydration to the skin.

Follow up with your favorite oil-based serum. You’ll want these sitting next to the skin for best absorption. And seal it all in with a moisturizer like our Daily Face Cream or Restorative Face Cream

Lastly, if you need an additional boost of hydration or to bring down inflammation, our Soothing Repair Mask is an amazing weekly gel treatment that will help further hydrate your skin! (Pro tip: Apply to cleansed skin at night and layer a facial oil over the top and leave on overnight – mega moisturizing!)


We create our skincare based on the findings we see in the treatment room. We believe you get the same results with our products as chemical products, it just takes so much longer the way we’re doing it because our gentle products are designed with the health of your body and skin in mind. Meeting our skin where it’s at means putting aside our desires for quick fixes and endeavoring to understand where we are in our slow beauty journey. It begins with zero-judgment listening, being open and honest about our goals, and most importantly recognizing our humanness. Embracing your natural beauty will never go out of style.

Have questions? Email us at and we’ll help you get over the winter blues in no time! 

Justine, Dani & Amanda

P.S. New to Botnia facials? Here’s what to expect when you see a Botnia Spa Partner near you!

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