Beyond Facials: Alternative Healing Modalities from Botnia Spa Partners

There are so many different ways to #treatyoself these days . . . and if you’re looking for something beyond a nourishing holistic facial, we have lots of options for you! While our spa partners share one thing in common (they all use and love the power of organic skincare!), they also have strengths in diverse healing modalities as well. If you’ve ever wondered where you could get needlework including acupuncture and lifting threads, energy and crystal healing, reflexology, yoga, and gua sha, we’re here to share a few of our friends who have unique healing offerings. 

Medical Services at The Things We Do//

Vanessa Lee RN, founder of The Things We Do (TTWD), knew she wanted to go into medical aesthetics because of her love for skin products and DIY beauty treatments at a young age. Nursing was a way for her to combine her love for science and beauty. When you come to TTWD for services, you should know that their entire team is made up of advocates who will cheer for you and guide you to what feels most genuine to you. They pride themselves on making sure clients are educated in their practices and techniques, the best way to keep you safe, in addition to boosting your confidence after a procedure. What’s unique about TTWD is that they offer Botnia’s plant-based skincare alongside medical spa procedures like Botox. Vanessa believes that medicine is not separate from holistic, plant-based, or Eastern options. Patients come from all walks of life and have different needs to be met.

Botnia is used in their back bar for facial treatments as well as recommended for patients to bring home for continuous care. Because many of their patients have sensitive skin in need of repair, Botnia is one of the skincare lines of choice specifically for this reason.

“Botnia lines up beautifully with some of our more medical lines because we can offer our clients high-end products that will yield results with gentle delivery alongside our medical product choices. It is a beautiful balance.”

Vanessa Lee, RN

Check out TTWD’s website to learn more about their services. Find The Things We Do in Downtown Los Angeles, Venice Beach, and Chino Hills

Gua Sha Massage at Radiate Studio//

What makes a healing spa experience? Comfort. Welcoming. Beauty. Trust. A space where you can freely, deeply breathe. A space where transformation seems possible. Radiate Studio is that place. Located north of San Francisco in Sebastopol (Sonoma County), the studio features realistic murals of redwood trees and their shadows that create a sense that you’re in an opening, or a gateway to another world. It reminds us of forest bathing and forest therapy (which originated as a mindfulness practice in Japan called shinrin-yoku).

Massage is a huge part of what makes Radiate Studio special! Offering their signature facials alongside gua sha massage, this ancient technique has been used for centuries to relieve pain and aid healing. New to gua sha? During the treatment, a flat, curved stone is moved along the skin in gentle sweeping motions to help break up scar tissue, loosen the stiff fascia, and increase blood and lymph flow. It’s super relaxing and offers many benefits that help restore both the face and body. Used in combination with Botnia’s serums, you’re sure to enjoy a dreamy escape and feel rejuvenated just after one visit. 

Another amazing part of Radiate Studio is that the space is shared with an on-site yoga room that offers both in-person classes and on-demand offerings honoring the ancient teachings and healing effects of the practice. Founder Katie Baum and studio manager Melody met at their yoga teacher training and shared an interest in gua sha, which brought them together to create Radiate Studio. 

“When we let our inner light shine and get what it needs, what we need – be it yoga, or gua sha, intentional practice or guided self-care – we radiate that energy out into the community and transform our world. Breath by breath, moment to moment.”

–Radiate Studio

Reflexology at Habits Skin Lab//

After developing hormonal acne, Kami of Habits Skin Lab stumbled upon facial reflexology in her search to avoid the heavy discomfort she felt taking prescription acne antibiotics. Learning to use these techniques to heal her skin, she was able to restore the glow she’d lost over the years. One of the greatest benefits of reflexology is its ability to relax the nervous system by increasing blood flow and oxygen by stimulating specific pressure points on the face and body. When done regularly, blood circulation helps combat wrinkles and promotes glowing skin!

The difference between gua sha and reflexology is that reflexology is more similar to acupuncture. You’re stimulating specific pressure points connected to your whole body and increasing the blood flow and energy flow to those specific areas. It’s as simple as using your own fingers, a reflexology wand, or gua sha stone. You can add this into your morning routine just before cleansing or after you’ve applied your face oil before you head out for the day. If you’re new to this practice, Kami recommends checking out Dien Chan’s Basic Reflexology Session. Facial reflexology improves blood circulation throughout the body, which allows the body to recover and rebalance naturally by encouraging the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to all organs and eliminating toxins. If you want to try reflexology at home, here are Kami’s tips:

Do’s for reflexology:
-Use what you have: your fingers, a gua sha stone, or reflexology wand
-Start with short 2 to 5 minute sessions in your morning routine
-Give your skin a break at least once a week
-Use a face oil like our Balancing Oil Cleanser or Clarity Oil to help provide slip
-Always clean your tools before and after each use

Don’ts for reflexology:
-Don’t overstimulate a point
-Don’t go over pimples or areas of concern; it’s best to avoid or go around them
-Don’t be afraid to explore your face with the tool; see what feels tender and let your face speak to you

We love that our spa partners come from all different backgrounds, and yet they share their love for holistic healing with us. It’s what makes our community super special, so we’re happy to share their unique healing offerings with you. If you’re in search of an alternative modality, email us with your location and the healing modality you’re interested in and we’ll help you find a spa partner who might have what you’re looking for!


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