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Botnia Skincare Seasonal Hydrosols

You might know and use our limited edition seasonal hydrosols like our Rose Geranium hydrosol, grown with love by my family. Or our Juniper hydrosol, wildcrafted and grown in the untouched New Mexico desert. But for those who are new to the clean beauty space, I’m sure you’ve asked the questions: What is a hydrosol? …

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You are the problem, or so the plastics industry would have you believe

Okay, hear me out on this one, because I think it’s a really important subject. The world is just not set up for you to recycle plastics and glass. The fact is that our recycling programs aren’t as good as they might seem. Most recycling plants don’t actually recycle most of your bottles and jars. …

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How to Spring Clean Your Skincare Routine

What the heck does seasonal skincare mean?! How is my skin different in the spring than in the winter?! As an esthetician with almost 20 years of experience, believe me: seasonal skincare is real, because your skin changes with the seasons; one of my favorite sayings is we are nature!    The biggest thing you should …

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Future Plans

    The overall vision of Botnia is to create a skincare solution for all skin types, but I didn’t set out to build a company; I simply wanted to answer one question: how can I offer my clients a solution to their skin issues that is also healthy? This basic beginning led me down …

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