A Simple Botnia Skincare Routine for Men

Listen up, men! You all deserve skincare. In my opinion, outdated gender norms have robbed a lot of men from taking care of one of the most important organs in their bodies: their skin. So here’s a post for all the men out there.

When we’ve asked the men in our lives why they don’t care for their skin, the answers weren’t so surprising:

  • It takes too long.
  • It seems complicated, with too many steps! 
  • They didn’t learn to do it when they were young.
  • They don’t see the point.
  • They think taking care of their skin is vain.

While some of these answers make sense, we’re here to show why it’s important for every human to take care of their skin and how simple a skincare routine can be! 

Men’s skin FAQs//

Men’s skin is thicker than women’s. Men have a hormone called androgen (testosterone is the primary androgen) that causes an increase in skin thickness, which accounts for why their skin is about 25% thicker than a woman’s.

Men also have more sebum production (aka oily skin) because of the androgen hormone. This is why many men in puberty have acne that lasts longer and is harder to treat. 

Men have more collagen density than women, and it’s why men don’t seem to age in the same way as women. Men don’t experience the drop-off in collagen production women do after menopause. On the flip side though, men are less likely to use SPF, and those who don’t protect their skin while they’re young will end up paying for it later with sun damage and the risk of skin cancer. So for all you men reading this post, please use sunscreen! You’ll thank us later! 

Now let’s talk about facial hair! It’s so important to care for the skin around the thicker and more coarse hair follicles. Men can suffer from many skin irritations due to facial hair. For those who like a clean shave, I’ve found that a straight razor that’s swapped with everyday use is the gentlest. Also, never ever use Gillette shaving cream! We could write an entire post about it. Shaving cream is nasty! I recommend using our Soothing Repair Mask mixed with Daily Face Wash for a gentle shave and the best lather. Beards require proper cleaning and the use of oils too, and I love the Replenishing Facial Oil as an everyday beard oil.

Finally, men’s skin is slightly more acidic, meaning it has the ability to fight off pathogens slightly easier than women’s skin. This is also why bacterial acne isn’t as prevalent in men’s skin. (Lucky you!) 

A simple routine for men//

So, here are the mega takeaways for men’s skincare: use a gentle foaming face wash, a toner to repair your pH balance, and a lightweight moisturizer to protect your skin. Finally, please use SPF and try to get facials every season!

On this last note, maybe this analogy will resonate with some of the men out there: you wouldn’t take care of the interior of your car without cleaning the exterior as well, right? We’re all about body positivity for men, women, and all humans who have a body! We should all be caring for our skin, no matter how we identify. This is our PSA for all men to please take care of your skin; we love you, men, and your skin needs love, too! 


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