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2021 Botnia Skincare Gift Guide

So you love Botnia and you want to gift us for the holidays, but you don’t feel totally confident in gifting skincare. I get you! It can be tough to give someone skincare especially if you don’t know how to choose the right thing for their unique skin. So here’s my quick and dirty guide on choosing skincare for your loved one this holiday season.

1. General skincare

This is shopping with a generalized view of your recipient’s skincare needs. They definitely wash their hands, so something like our Gentle Hand Soap or Hand Sanitizer might be a wonderful fit. Or maybe you want to offer them a more luxurious experience, so our Body Cream or Gentle Hand Lotion (that can be used on the body too!) makes more sense. Do they have a bathtub? Bath Salts. Or if they have a shower, Luminous Body Scrub. If you want to stock their bathroom with a full Botnia body line, you can grab all of these suggestions!

2. Turning your loved one onto something you love! 

This is a way for you to gift your loved one something from our line that you love, and has made an impact on your skin. This can be tricky if they don’t share your skin type, but if you’re feeling brave this is a beautiful way to share what you enjoy with the ones you love. 

3. Shopping by skin type on our website

If you know your loved one a bit more intimately we’ve made it easy for you to shop by skin type on our website so you can gift the exact right skincare. 

4. Gifting from our gift guide

And if you still haven’t found the exact right thing, or you’d prefer to shop a curated list of giftable skincare ideas, we’ve made a guide of skincare that will fit perfectly under the tree or in the stocking

5. DM us your product questions (Monday – Friday)

Connect with a Botnia master esthetician to troubleshoot the perfect gift! We are estheticians, makers of this skincare, and true skin experts on how to give the perfect skincare. We would love to help you in any way that feels supportive to you! 

6. Gift cards for the win! 

And if you don’t want to mess around trying to choose the right thing, we have e-gift cards that include a complimentary consultation with one of our master estheticians to guide your loved one into skincare that is just right for them. 

Giving the gift of skincare is such a beautiful way to care for those around you. Thank you for thinking of us and for buying skincare from Botnia this holiday season!


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